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Scuba Diving Key Largo FL

Updated on February 23, 2012

Dive the Florida Keys

Scuba diving in and around Key Largo Florida is an adventure for divers of all skill levels. On your reef dives, you will see all types of wonderfully unique marine animals and fishes, even reef sharks. Many people have called it the 'Diving Capital of the World', a reputation that is time tested and well deserved.

Since it is a Marine Sanctuary, Key Largo is protected from spearfishing and coral collection for many years. It is an integral part of the 2,800-square-nautical-mile Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and Key Largo itself features six unique Sanctuary Preservation Areas (SPA's) where even hook and line fishing is prohibited. This is an absolute paradise for underwater divers and photographers! If you have never experienced the wonder and beauty of this tropical paradise, maybe it is time to plan an awesome dive trip.

Diving Spiegel Grove Artificial Reef Key Largo Scuba

Scuba in Key Largo, Florida - Christ of the Abyss

Reef Shark in Key Largo Florida Keys

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