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Updated on October 27, 2009

About Seatwave

Seatwave is an online marketplace where fans can buy and sell tickets for concerts, theatre, sports and just about any other live event. Seatwave was created by a group of people who believe that getting tickets should be really easy and safe. We're happy you've come to visit us and we hope we can provide the superior experience we've set out to create.

1 Selling Tickets 2 Buying Tickets 3 Ticket Delivery Can’t make an event you have tickets for?

List tickets for free
There are no listing fees on Seatwave, you only pay us if your tickets sell.

Send us your receipt (optional)
Send us proof of purchase to improve your chance of a sale.

Sell your tickets
Hundreds of thousands of buyers visit Seatwave each week looking for tickets.

Get paid
Our unique Ticketintegrity™ guarantee means that payment for your tickets is guaranteed.

Find an event
Thousands of events are listed on Seatwave. Browse the listings or use the search box to find your event.

Choose your tickets
Pick the seats you want and the number of tickets

Pay for your tickets
Seatwave’s payment system is totally secure and uses SSL encryption to make sure your private information stays private.

Guaranteed delivery
Seatwave will track the delivery of your tickets and ensure they reach you.

We guarantee that your tickets will arrive in good time for the event.

Seatwave is an online fan-to-fan ticket exchange operating in the European market.[1] Its aim is to offer consumers a more transparent and safer way to buy and sell tickets to live events including music, theatre and sport.[2]

Seatwave allows anyone to buy or sell tickets on the exchange. Tickets can be sold at any price selected by the seller, including below and above the face value printed on the ticket. Seatwave charges buyers a 15% service charge and sellers a 10% success fee (although it doesn't charge listing fee)[3] which, it claims, enables them “to deliver a safe and transparent marketplace”, to provide a dedicated customer service team, and to include their consumer protection guarantees.

The company offers two consumer protection guarantees. TicketIntegrity guarantees that all tickets come from legitimate sources only.[4] Their TicketCover insurance, a joint venture with Mondial Insurance, refunds the full cost of tickets purchased on the site (including postage and packing) if an event is cancelled or if the ticket holder is unable to make it to the venue for a variety of reasons including motor breakdown, injury or jury service.[5]


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