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See The Most Craziest Wacky Race Episodes That Will Tickle Your Fancy

Updated on September 30, 2012

There Are Some Wacky Races Going On

Wacky races have been going on around the world that needs to be seen to truly appreciate them. Can you believe there are amazing race episode with adults riding children tricycles and all sorts of craziness.

Is this because of boredom or for need of excitement? I can't tell, but imagination is sure wasted on the young because adults need more of it! But for family and fun, it's all worth it!

Get a load of the car train races. Very interesting!

I was wondering what happened to my big wheel!

This is hilarious! Grown ups racing on big wheels! I was told the men really never grow up, now here's proof!

Cute little ladies racing in wheel chairs.

This wheel chair race is all for a box of chocolate! Can you believe that? No dinner, movie or a play? When you make your 80 year old heart pump like this you want to at least have dinner or a box of depends waiting for you!

Dog's with no dignity!

These poor dogs may not mind racing, but wearing those costumes is just going too far!

What Is The Most Wacky Race Your Ever Saw?

The wackiest race I ever saw was with a couple with their legs tied together that had to get to the finish line holding up a ball with their face!

But check out Good Morning America's Robin Roberts interviewing The Great Food Truck Race!

The Great Food Truck Race

Hey Baby Boomers! Do you remember the Wacky Races! I sure do!

I just couldn't do this hub without this blast from the past. Take a look and fine memories will come to you. When you watch the wacky races you will remember how old you were and who was your favorite racer. Remember the lovely Penelope Pitstop?


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