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Senior Night

Updated on February 8, 2015

Winter Seniors

The basketball, indoor track and cheerleading seniors were recognized before Friday's game against the Eagles of Surry Central. The cheerleaders and women's basketball players before the women's game, and the indoor track and men's basketball before the men's game.

Each athlete walked out onto the court with his/her family and friends there to support them. The crowd applauded to acknowledge the commitment that each student makes in order to be a part of a team.

The lessons that these athletes learn in their four years outweighs any one class on campus. The students learn to be respectful in both wins and losses. They also learn to support each other when things go badly, and that friendships are far more important than the game. Finally, the team may set a goal to be champions, but not everyone can be the champion every year. When the dust settles, it is the way the student handled himself/herself that gets noticed. That is why our students get applauded. That is why we are proud to be Falcons!

Congratulations to all the seniors for making it to this night, and thanks for the memories.

The manager of any sport is often overlooked until needed. Behind the scenes, this position requires a lot of work and dedication. To be a manager is to love the sport like no other. Few athletes would devote the time and energy if not rewarded with some sort of playing time. However, the managers show up every night knowing that the minutes aren't coming. That is commitment.

These three gentlemen all fit the bill of great managers. It has been a great privilege to work with them at the basketball games and in the classroom. Without them, there wouldn't be any articles because each holds the key to the stats.

While it is a magical night for the athletes, the managers too have memories to share. They have been there during the wins and losses, and they feel the pain and joy with the team. Managers are a gift to a coach; worth their weight in gold.


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