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Several ways to catch fish

Updated on August 14, 2009

Starts with where they live

In some conversations with my father and uncle, I learned of some rather unique techniques that they used to catch fish a long time ago. My father worked as a lumberjack in the backwoods of Quebec as a teenager and they needed to supplement their food supply in many different ways. Their method for catching fish was to use a shotgun or dynamite and shoot into the water or throw the dynamite at the end of the hoses that came from the campsite washroom. You see the minnows were attracted to the stuff coming out of the hoses and so the bigger fish came there too. Fishing for my dad and his coworkers was for food and some limited pleasure. It might explain my dad's approach to fishing in general. For him it was catching food.

My uncle served in the U.S. military and their method was quite similar to may dad's method. Uncle Johnny used a hand grenade that was just thrown into the water (pin removed, of course) and whatever floated up was dinner. Again this was for food.

But if you are taking up fishing more for fun or something to do with your kids, then it's hard to beat the old approach of a worm on a hook, sinker and bobber and sitting on the end of a dock. Fish will naturally be attracted to docks since food is all around due to the shade provided by the structure and food for the small fry.

And for the sports fisherman, it really isn't much different other than the equipment gets expensive and maybe the target is more for trophy fishing. They still have to find structure and proper areas where the fish will go to feed to become potential catches. Areas like mouths' of rivers, shoals, docks, rock formations, sunken trees, reefs, weed beds, underwater cliffs and pools in rivers are all places that the food supply for the bigger fish will be in sufficient quantity to attract them. Then you as the angler have an opportunity to catch them.

Besides some skill and proper equipment, you will need patience and being quiet is not a bad thing. Banging around in an aluminum boat is a great way to scare off the potential trophy fish. For many people, fishing is more of a method of relaxation so actually catching a fish is just an added bonus. Fishing with children is a very rewarding experience. Try it and let them do the stuff necessary to catch the fish. They will learn something important even if they lose the fish. And they do know how to have fun. That's really what fishing is supposed to be.


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