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Shin Pads/Shin Guards Soccer

Updated on March 13, 2011

Shin Pads/Shin Guards

Shin pads/shin guards are used in many sports and if you play many sports you will need a decent pair to protect your legs. They are a vital piece of equipment especially for football/soccer, hockey, ice hockey, martial arts (MMA) and other sports. Shin pads or shin guards are most commonly used in football, soccer and it is essential to wear a pair of shin pads if you do any training or want to play any matches even at Sunday league level!

Many an injury has been saved or at least been better due to a bit of shin protection and some shin guards will help save your legs every other week from an awful bruise! Soccer shin pads often have ankle support to to help too which is useful. In this article I will talk about the best shin pads to buy so you can buy an excellent pair of shin pads.

Girls Soccer Shinguards

Girls will prefer to have different shin guards to the boys and I have an article about all the types of shin pads they will like!

Girls Shin guards 

Soccer Shin Pads/Guards

As I mentioned, in soccer shin pads are an essential piece of equipment/clothing and you will need them for anything more serious than a kick-about. The following shin guards are excellent for football and they all also provide ankle protection which is very useful to have too.

Adidas Predator Shin Guards for Soccer. Pic from Amazon
Adidas Predator Shin Guards for Soccer. Pic from Amazon

Adidas Predator Shin Guards

The Adidas Predator Replique Shin Guards are perfect for soccer/football and are exactly what you want from a pair of shin pads for football.


  • Protect your legs
  • Ankle Protection
  • Strong
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Available in different colours and sizes

Adidas Adi Club Soccer Shin Guards Pic from Amazon
Adidas Adi Club Soccer Shin Guards Pic from Amazon

Adidas Adi Club Soccer Shin Guard

The Adidas Adi Club Shin Guards for Soccer are available in many sizes and are also very reasonably priced offering great protection!  There is also pink for girls!


  • Protect your legs
  • Ankle protection
  • Strong/hard
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Different sizes
  • Pink for girls - best soccer shin guards for girls.

Looking for Shin Guards for Other Sports?

More Soccer Shin Guards

The following are all also really good shin guards for soccer and will also do the job well and remember YOU NEED SHIN GUARDS FOR SOCCER! They protect your legs and many also support your ankles, improving your balance and offering some protection there too.  Playing any sort of match you should be wearing shin pads.  Without them, you will get injured regularly!

More Soccer Shin Guards

MacGregor Youth Plastic Shin Guards (One Pair)
MacGregor Youth Plastic Shin Guards (One Pair)

The best cheap shin guards! Perfect for giving to others in places like Africa!


Buy Soccer Shin Guards

I hope you found this article about soccer shin guards useful and also I hope you enjoy playing soccer with them and find them to be excellent!

Thanks for reading and please share this article with your friends and family and feel free to leave any relevant comments - I will try and respond to all genuine comments!


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