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Shock verdict: Is Oscar Pistorius a Freemason?

Updated on September 27, 2014


Please note that this is speculation about Oscar and links to Freemasonry. It is not meant to be taken as factual.


The 11th of September was the date anticipated by South Africans greatly. Many took leave off work to watch the verdict of the Oscar Pistorius trial. Apart from the Pistorius fans, people truly believed he was guilty. The state prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, did a sterling job. Oscar was tried for premeditated murder for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The state claimed he killed her in a fit of rage. They had been arguing for hours when the neighbours heard screams and then four gunshots. Oscar Pistorius claimed that he mistook her for an intruder. He did not notice her get out of bed when he brought the fans from the balcony and heard a noise which he claimed that Reeva must have made when she opened the window near the bathroom. He said he armed himself in the dark, whispered to Reeva to call for help and then walked slowly on his stumps down the passage to confront the danger. He noticed the toilet door was shut and thought it was an intruder. When he heard a “movement”, later being claimed it was the magazine rack, he fired four shots out of panic. He kept saying he had to defend Reeva and thought his life was in danger as well.

When Advocate Gerrie Nel cross-examined him, he reduced Oscar to a sniveling wreck tripping him up badly along the line. Pistorius would just answer, “I don’t know” when he was caught out in a lie and contradicted himself in between tears and snot. The defence had tried to prove that the four shots were in quick succession so that Reeva did not have time to scream after the first shot. This was later disproven by Captain Mangena who testified for the state. It is a mystery how Reeva would not have screamed after being shot in the hip if Oscar’s version is correct. It is also incredible that Oscar would have two versions to his story and even blamed his defence team for his contradictions. The defence expert witnesses were only marginally better. I watched the cross examinations and I had to look away sometimes because I cringed so. They clearly were not qualified to testify. There was also some controversy because a video was released showing Oscar running down the passage in a re-enactment for the defence, which was not used, by the Australian network, “The Seven Network”. This video seriously contradicted Oscar’s physician, Wayne Derman, who was a defence expert witness when he said Oscar could barely balance on his stumps.

So on the day of the verdict, most thought Oscar would be convicted for murder. He was his own worst enemy in the trial. The state did have holes in their case but the defence had a much weaker one. Many were expecting Judge Masipa to read out a lengthy report of her findings in the case. They expected her to go through the evidence with a fine-toothed comb. So the public were shocked when she went at a quick pace disregarding much of the state’s evidence. It became clear early on that she was leaning in Oscar’s favour. She dismissed the state’s ear witnesses who heard a women scream because she said they were unreliable as they did not match up to the facts which were the phone records. The phone records proved the time line of events. They did not corroborate. I could understand that to a certain extent. The whatsapp message between Reeva and Oscar detailing their loving and not so loving relationship was also dismissed in its entirety as relationships were fickle, Masipa said. I have to concede that the state failed to prove that Oscar intentionally killed Reeva. Now we were left with dolus eventualis, which is second degree murder. It is based on the premises of whether a person can foresee that their actions could kill someone in the case for murder.

Judge Masipa called Oscar an evasive and even poor witness. She conceded that Oscar lied but then said that lying was not indicative of a testimony being false in its entirety. She said she was forced to consider Oscar’s version as true as other evidence could not be counted as reliable. She did not explain how the state’s forensic evidence was not true. She just ignored the majority of the state’s case. She explained how she arrived at her verdict. Subjectively, Oscar could not have foreseen that he would kill somebody in a 1mx1m toilet cubicle. She bizarrely said his devastated reaction after the killing was not consistent with someone who had foreseen he could kill someone. She even mentioned that he prayed to God! Then she went on to say that Oscar was guilty of culpable homicide because he should have foreseen that he would kill someone shooting into such a small space! Legal experts dropped their jaws. Criminal lawyer, Martin Hood, said, “"I think she's going to get quite a lot of criticism from the judiciary and the legal system. The consensus among the legal community was that he is guilty of murder. This could really open the door to systematic abuse of our legal system by people who shoot their partners and claim self-defence.”

James Grant, Wits University criminal law professor, tweeted:

“Masipa doesn't accept that accused intended to kill anyone. Huh? His defence was he didn't intend to UNLAWFULLY kill. How can you voluntarily fire four shots into a toilet cubicle & not foresee the possibility of killing whoever was in there?"

The State can appeal if there has been a legal error. They will decide if they will appeal after the sentencing.

So what happened? How could Judge Masipa have gotten it so wrong? There were a few red flags for me that may explain this.


Freemasonry is the most prominent and exclusive occult society in the world. They protect the order from outsiders by having a strict hierarchy. The inner secrets of the society are protected by outsiders by using secret passwords, signs and blood-oaths of revenge if secrets are disclosed. It can be punishable by death. Progress by initiates depends on the successful completion of tests and the willingness to take horrible oaths. It is the beginning of a brainwashing process. Lucifer is the god of Freemasonry. However, if you had to approach a Freemason about this, they will deny it explaining rather that it is a charitable fraternity. For really low level Masons this may be the case but they are the deceived.


Many people took it as an ominous sign when it was announced that the verdict would be read out on the 11th September. How do these dates get chosen? Let us first examine the meaning of the number 11 in the occult.

Eleven is considered to be the Master Number. It represents sin, transgression and danger. It is a number of great relevance in the occult.

The number 13 is another significant occult number. The sentencing will be given on the 13th of October. It represents also negative connotations like rebellion, corruption, defection, for example.

Were these dates specifically chosen for occult purposes?


The reader may be wondering how Oscar, or his influential uncle Arnold Pistorius, could possibly manipulate the outcome of the trial. It is not absurd when one realizes that Freemasonry has a huge influence on the justice system. Freemasons get preferential treatment and can use the courts to obtain a favourable judgment that would normally not be granted for the lay person. They believe they are above the law of the land.

There are numerous ways a Mason can indicate to a Masonic judge of his status as a Freemason. He can utter cryptic words that would surprise others in the court like, ““I was hoping to get a SQUARE deal, your honour.” Of course, the square is a symbol of Freemasonry.

In British Columbia, Canada, a certain Mr. G.P, while in an inebriated state, killed two young girls. The Masonic judge gave the defendant a fine and suspended sentence. The lawyer was also a Mason. So we can see just how corrupt the justice system is. The Freemasonic tentacles spread far and wide. I don’t think Judge Masipa is a Freemason but I am of the opinion that Oscar’s lawyer, Barry Roux, is. For all we know, Masipa could have received a legitimate death threat.


What alarms me is that there is a lot of insinuation that Oscar, himself, will get a suspended sentence. The International Paralympic Committee has said Oscar will be allowed to compete in the future despite his culpable homicide conviction. The chief executive said that the trial had no negative impact on the Paralympic sport. This implies it is irrelevant that Oscar is a convicted criminal. Talk of Oscar making a comeback seems to suggest that there are influential people and organizers who don’t think it is likely that Oscar will get a significant jail sentence. We know that sportsman have a limited time when it comes to their career as they reach their peak in their thirties. Oscar would not be able to compete at age 37. In fact, Oscar wanted to retire after the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics.


I can’t believe there is even talk of a comeback before the sentence has even been determined. Oscar does deserve 15 years behind bars but I will not be surprised if he just gets a fine and suspended sentence. Let us hope that Judge Masipa will go against any Freemasonic influence there may have been in this trial and give Reeva Steenkamp the justice she deserves.


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    • Claire Evans profile imageAUTHOR

      Claire Evans 

      3 years ago from South Africa

      Uncle Arnie is filthy rich and we know Freemasons are. I have no doubt that Masipa was threatened. As we all know, Oscar was convicted of murder. We have two things to consider here. Either Masipa is a useless judge who doesn't even know what the rule of law is and apply it or she was threatened. I do not believe she is an incompetent judge.

      Uncle Arnie's superpowers do not extend to bribing 5 judges and so the correct conviction was now made. However, it is Masipa who is going to sentence Oscar so we can expect him to get the bare minimum. Perhaps 10 years because of "mitigating" circumstances, suspended for 5.

      I'm just glad that the Steenkamps can move on now. They are paying a heaving price than Oscar is.

      I have no doubt that Reeva was a sacrifice. See my other blog about it if you haven't already.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I watched almost the whole trial, only missed a couple of days. I live in SA.

      During the trial, I could clearly see Freemansonry gestures made by Uncle Pistorius. Sometimes he gazed at the judge in a somewhat threatening manner, it was soooo blatant that it was entertaining, specially for people like me, who study secret societies. A sight to behold!

      Those people are so certain of public's incredulity that they don't even bother being more discreet: people's incredulity is what actually protects them! Nobody would believe that, for example, because he hid his hand inside of his suit so often (Napoleon style) that it could be a sign of him being a Freemason. People would say "Oh, it doesn't mean he's a Freemason - he just might suffer from heartburn!" (lol) That's how pathetic people are. No wonder they are mere slaves to the system, but this is a subject for another topic.

      Some reckon that Uncle Pistorius is the head of the Pretoria's main lodge. I wouldn't doubt. However, what makes me 100% sure (despite his obvious behaviour) is his soulless, lifeless aura, the kind that only those who are eternally damned possess...

      Same feeling for his despicable nephew.

      Make no mistake: Reeva Steenkamp was a sacrificial lamb. Human sacrifice for dark entities is a reality, people! Why do you think so many children disappear all over the world without leaving a trace? This satanic practice didn't stay in ancient times, it just went underground. Remember to ALWAYS keep an eye on your children, no matter where you are or what you're doing, satanists are EVERYWHERE!

      Oscar is into it as much as his uncle. Reeva's murder was a ritual sacrifice. It could have been anybody else who would fit the lamb description and was available. Unfortunately, at that time, it was Reeva.

      When the mother of Oscar's ex Samantha Taylor said she was so happy her daughter was "free from the clutches of that man", and that it could have been her own daughter, she was right: Samantha was a good natured, blond, young Christian woman, a symbolic LAMB. She was right, it could have been Samantha, indeed...

      Listen to this that I'm going to say: the world and life are not exactly as we see, they're much worse. The media is controlled, so we are not being told the real version of reality, and oh, boy! It's much worse...

      Reeva is in Heaven. I know she is. How do I know? Because those people of the Pistorius family ink only go for the INNOCENT. She was the sacrificial lamb.

      My heart aches for her parents! I cannot imagine such pain - no parent should bury their children. It's unnatural. It's against the order of things. It's like a death sentence when you're still alive: how come can I carry on living when my future, my legacy was taken away from me?

      They will never know how it feels to give her in marriage, they will never be grandparents of her children. I feel their pain in my own heart. I pray they can find peace and solace one day...

      I have to say that despite their humble lifestyle, they gave the Pistorius family a lesson on HONOUR and DIGNITY! June was a pillar of strength in the midst of the deepest pain. She has my deepest respect and admiration. I salute that remarkable lady.

      Yep... there's certain things money just can't buy...

    • Claire Evans profile imageAUTHOR

      Claire Evans 

      3 years ago from South Africa

      Hi there. Masipa knew better than to impose mere correctional supervision. She already needed security because of the back lash of the public. The public would have gone nuts. Five years is absolutely ridiculous and then there is the possibility he may be out in 10 months as you say.

      I also don't know how the Steenkamps could say they were happy with the verdict. I really don't.

      It's not a case of being paid off but it is a duty of a Freemason to let off, or at least mitigate a sentence, of another Freemason. I don't believe Masipa is but there are way more influential people above the judges.

      Now we have to see if the NPA actually gets anywhere. If they fail, then there is no hope for the justice system.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      4 years ago from now on

      Well, in the end, Judge Thokozile Masipa handed down a sentence of five years as punishment for the culpable homicide conviction she gave last month. The provisions of South African law make clear Pistorius will be eligible to have his sentence commuted down to corrective supervision, or house arrest, after a sixth of that time, 10 months. His defense counsel has indicated it expects that to happen at the earliest opportunity, but it is not automatic.

      Get this, the Steenkamp family, whose mother June and father Barry have attended court for much of the proceedings for more than a year, insisted they have forgiven the man who killed their daughter and said they were “happy” with the verdict. HAPPY????

      I have said form the very start of this trial it would be a travesty and he would get off with as little a punishment as possible. Why? Just follow the money (and after reading your hub page I'd add influence).

      You can't convince me somehow, some way, the in laws, the judge (and people in high places whom we will never know) have been paid off from Oscar's millions! And I'll tell you how you can be sure of this:

      The National Prosecuting Authority has already indicated it has the “appetite” for an appeal (of the verdict, not the sentence). It has 14 days to indicate if it will do so.

      If 14 days pass and no appeal has been filed that will be absolute proof of what I have suspected from the start. There is no honest judge or court in the world that would not have found this loser guilty of murder.


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