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Easy Shopping Guide: What to Buy for the New Horseback Rider - Part 1

Updated on July 2, 2011

Save Money! Buy Smart the First Time Around for Riding Lessons

When starting your riding lessons, choosing the right clothing and equipment can be a little overwhelming. In this guide, you will find all the basics you need to be comfortable and safe while learning to ride.

Easy! From home to basic horse show with no additional cost for clothing.
Easy! From home to basic horse show with no additional cost for clothing.

Keep it Simple!

You only need 4 Core Pieces of riding apparel to get started in horseback riding.



*Riding Pants

*Leg Protection

Additionally, you may choose to buy these 4 Optional Pieces of riding apparel to get started.


*Crop / Whip


*Safety Vest

Shopping online can save you time and money as long as you know what to look for and the difference between what you truly need and what is extra fluff that can wait for later. Pricing listed is approximate from Intro to High-End and may vary between stores.

So, Where Do You Start?

  1. Find out from your instructor if they have other riders in the program that have used items for sale. It happens often!
  2. Research a little online including your local stores’ websites (support your neighborhood) to check availability and pricing.
  3. Ask your instructor anytime you have any questions about your choice before buying.
  4. Shop away! Just remember to measure carefully. Closely follow the manufacturer’s charts to be sure you get a safe fit and always ask customer service and your instructor for assistance if you need it.
  5. When your items arrive: Schedule some time with your instructor to show them the items BEFORE you get them dirty. They can give the final approval for safe and proper fit or visual appeal.

Tips to Remember

SAFETY first! All horseback riding apparel must be well-fitted. Some items may be slightly uncomfortable when brand new and, once broken in, they often contour to your body shape.

TRADITIONAL. Although there are lots of bright, trendy colors, bling and fancy items available, you may be ready for a horse show sooner than you think. Buying your core (and optional) pieces in traditional colors will allow you to step into the show ring more affordably. You can simply add to your wardrobe instead of replacing it.

For pictures and pricing of what's on your shopping list:

Continue to… Part 2 – Your Core Pieces

Skip ahead to… Part 3 - Your Optional Pieces

See you at the stables! Happy Riding!

© 2011 Megan Carl - Mane Alternative


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