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Should I Run With an Ipod?

Updated on February 13, 2012

In the age of advancing technology, runners have the option of choosing to run with an IPod or not. Music is a huge part of everyday life, and some enjoy running along with an IPod for this enjoyment. The following article will explain the pros and cons of running with an IPod.

The first pro that comes to mind is the pain factor. Running to music takes the runner’s mind off the pain and fatigue that set in when running. This may cause the runner to go further or harder.

Another pro that comes to mind is the motivation and enjoyment factor. People who know they will get to listen to music for the duration of the run may be motivated to get out and do their daily run. It also makes running more enjoyable. It becomes something to look forward to, and not something to dread.

The first con that comes to mind is the argument of running with the music. It sounds like a great idea, right? Whenever a fast song comes on, you tend to speed it up a bit and push yourself. Whenever a slow song comes on, just the opposite occurs. This is a terrible idea, especially on distance runs. Distance runs (a distance run for me is ten or more miles) should be the same exact pace throughout, unless training for a certain race. Constantly changing the pace is not the proper method of doing a distance run. You will either over work yourself during a fast song and die out or not run hard enough during a slow song and waste the run away.

Another obvious con that arrives is that you cannot hear anything else besides the music. If you are running in a park or trail, it may be fine. However, if you are running alongside the street or sidewalk, you cannot hear oncoming vehicles. Early morning or late evening runners, be sure to throw on something reflective if this is the case!

A pro and a con to running with an IPod is what I like to call the “You” factor. When I am out running, my mind completely clears and I solely think about the task at hand. All stresses and worries fade (at least for the time being). Occasionally, I do run distance runs with an IPod, and I like to pretend I am in a race. I always win the race, obviously. This is good and bad because it is a great feeling and it relieves stress and tension. It is bad because you may get high hopes and think you are better than what you really are. 99% of professional runners are modest people.

Whether or not you choose to run with an IPod or not, be safe and good luck!


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