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Site Review for Fantasy Sports Site, AND Some tips for this site!

Updated on April 3, 2013


In this guide I will talk about my review for the website to the site) which allows you to compete with fellow FanDuelers through fantasy sports. I do not work for Fanduel, and will be writing this guide solely based off of what I have learned, and noticed on the Website. I will also give realistic information that you should know before going on the site, and partaking in random fantasy games.

What is is a website that had gained much popularity where players can play against each other in daily fantasy sports games. The website allows you to compete each day with other members based off of the typical points system as seen in the ESPN, Yahoo and other Fantasy sports websites. Fanduel also covers every single sport which allows all sports fans to compete with all the games they are fans of. Whether you a fan of College Basketball, the NFL, MLB, NBA, you will find some sort of Fantasy game that will in some way interest you.

If you would like to take a look yourself here is a link to Fanduel - FANDUEL

The way it works.

The way Fanduel operates is that you must create an account on the Website. After creating an account then you can go home and choose the sport, or type of games you would like to compete with. You can choose the size, difficulty level, and many other aspects of FanDuel which may interest you. Once you find the contest you would like to play in, click enter, and then choose the players for that sport you would like to play. Depending on the difficulty level you have chosen the game will give you a certain amount of money to choose your players with. Whether it be 65K, 60K, or 55K you will have to buy all the players that you choose, and you are not allowed to go over your salary cap. SO choose carefully, and at the same time you must fill every position, so you should be careful based off of the players you would like to use.

Some Tips for using fanduel

First- From what I have seen I personally suggest that you should play the smaller games with fewer groups of people. You have a much more likely chance of winning if you play with smaller games, especially the 50-50 games which give half the people a chance of winning. When you play the games that offer 1000 people to play or 2000 people to play your chances of winning are significantly lower. While you do still have some shot you are going to need a lot of luck on your side.

Second - This is a follow up to number 1. If you are going to play a game with a large number of players 500+ then do not pick the favorites. Everyone who is new or inexperienced is going to pick a couple of the best players and hope for the best. Try to find players that are off and on, that are cheap and hope they have a big game. While this may be tough to do, usually the players who win these games pick all the right upsets, and give themselves a good chance at winning.

Third- Play the free games. Playing the free games gives you a chance to get used to the system. You should focus a lot on having fun, and learning the ropes of Fantasy sports before you progress yourself onto the stage with all the other players.

Fourth - look at the discussion. A lot of times if you are inexperienced, and do not focus a lot on players who may be injured, or who may have a key game, look at the chat box. People here, when not fighting are constantly either updating, or asking for updates on players, and this can help you a lot when you are going to attempt to play on Fanduel. I highly suggest using this to help you, and think this will give you overall better chances at playing.

Fifth - RESEARCH. The players who are the most successful do a LOT of researching their topics before they play. They want to give themselves the best chance of winning, so I suggest you do the same. Playing blindly may give you better odds when it comes to the lucky upset players if you choose randomly, but at the same time, you may miss players who are cheaper that clearly were going to have a good game.

Is the site safe?

Yes, FanDuel is a safe site. This is one thing that makes some people question whether or not they should play on FanDuel, but yes it is safe. If Fanduel was not safe then you would not see their ads on TV, pages on ESPN, and many other reputable sites. Not to mention I was nervous when I first started, but I have had NO problems on Fanduel, and can personally say that personal information will not be stole, and you should not be worried when joining the site.

My Review of the Site

When I look at the site I think that there is a lot each person should do. Whether your new to fantasy sports, or experienced I think that you need to put some effort in to learn the ropes. It is best you focus on researching, and looking at the chat logs in order to know who you should not, and should pick.

When you see the ads on TV you think FanDuel is a site where anyone can have success, but they obviously are only going to show the most successful, so remember that before going on to win.

Also remember to play it smart in the beginning, and focus on smaller games, and free games to learn all the ropes, and to learn the tricks involved.

I personally enjoy FanDuel because while I enjoy watching sports, being able to choose favorite players for each game, and not just weekly or at the beginning of a season like on typical Fantasy Sites. So it is fun to be able to choose my favorite players, and hope they perform well enough to win a daily tournament. I also enjoy seeing that FanDuel allows for daily fantasy playing that way it gives the player a chance to choose new players if theirs under perform, or get injured. This solves a lot of the problems that I have seen with ESPN's fantasy NFL season in which you choose players, and mine always seem to get injured early on, or throughout the season, which overall dooms my season. So I think FanDuel accurately solves those problems with your picks only lasting 1 day, or week depending on the sport.

As I have said, I overall think FanDuel even being fairly new, is just what Fantasy players have been looking for. It offers a reason to further watch sports, cheer for new teams and players, and gives you the chance of having success on the site

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Overall I enjoy using FanDuel, and have been a fan since the site has come out. I think it offers players a fun chance at winning weekly and daily fantasy sports, and over time allow you to build your sports credibility. Below in the comments let me know what you think of FanDuel's website, and their fantasy sports set up.


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      It is worth checking out, and I enjoy the site.

    • jaydene profile image

      jaydene 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Hello I will have to check this out, very interesting , thanks for this hub:)