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Skiing Vs Snowboarding: Who Wins The Big Fight?

Updated on August 8, 2010

Skiing Vs Snowboarding: Who Wins The Big Fight?

 If there have ever been two sports that were put up against each other in a debate of which is better, it would be skiing and snowboarding.  The argument over whether skiing or snowboarding is better is one that has been going on for some time now.  If you are interested in getting started in skiing or snowboarding and cannot figure out which, the debate of skiing Vs snowboarding will be quite helpful to you.  This way you can see not which is better in general but which is better suited to you and your personality and that is really what matters.

 One of the first things you should think about when deciding between skiing and snowboarding is what gear you are going to need.  You will need the same apparel pretty much no matter which sport you get into.  That includes thermal gear, a snowsuit, boots, bindings and goggles so all the basics.  You are still going to need the same winter apparel either way including a thermal top and pants, snow pants, snow jacket, goggles and mitts.

 You should always wear a helmet when you are skiing or snowboarding.  Wearing a helmet is the best idea for both sports as you are going to be going downhill at fast speeds and it only makes sense you would want to protect your head.  In terms of which sport requires more athleticism that is a tie up in some ways as well.  Skiing is a bit easier on the body because you have the ski poles for leverage to use to push yourself when you want to go down a hill and even just to lean on when you are standing upright.

 That is why a lot of elderly people opt for skiing rather than snowboarding because it is not so rough on the body.  In snowboarding you have to rely almost completely on your own physical body strength to start, glide and stop.  Instead, your feet are both attached to a single board and you have to rely on the strength in your legs to get yourself moving on the board and going downhill.  Here, instead of skiing down hills skiers will actually use their poles and skis to go across flat snow.

 This is where you are skiing on flat snow rather than going downhill and you are skiing across the countryside.  This is a great way to improve endurance and stamina.  You can fly down the slopes and do crazy jumps and tricks.  Both sports are physically exerting so they are a great way to stay in shape and are a lot of fun, and it is up to you to decide which you are more interested in getting started with.


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    • HubSearchDotNet profile image

      HubSearchDotNet 7 years ago

      I have never tried both but would love to have a go at snowboarding!