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So What Now Pacquiao And What Now Mayweather?

Updated on March 20, 2011

Boxing News Flash: May 7, 2011 (MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Manny Pacquiao and most of his fans weren’t pleased with his latest victory but in the end he and his legions of die-hard fans are just happy to chalk up another win.

In a totally dominating display of superior boxing skill over bigger but aging Sugar Shane Mosley, Pacquiao won a surprise third-round knockdown and stood up from an upsetting knockdown count on him in the tenth round for a unanimous decision win.

Manny retained his WBO welterweight title at an overflowing MGM Grand Arena.

Boxing News Flash: November 13, 2010 (Cowboys Stadium, Dallas Texas)

Manny Pacquiao takes Antonio Margarito to school and bags the vacant WBC World Super Welterweight Title thus becoming the first boxer in history to win a record eight titles in eight different weight divisions. (Yes as if five, six or seven weight division titles are not enough?)

So What's Next Manny Pacquiao and What's Next Floyd Mayweather Jr?

As of this writing Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still as quiet as a mouse. Yes, not even a pip-squeak.

The last time we heard of him was in his video of his tirade against Asians, against Filipinos and against his arch best-pound-for-pound-fighter nemesis Manny Pacquiao.

But since the second Mayweather-Pacquiao fight talks and negotiations fell by the wayside and after both Floyd Jr., Floyd Sr., and Floyd's trainer's (his uncle’s) legal and police problems, we have yet to hear anything from the normally very vocal (let my mouth do the talkin’) Mayweathers.

Okay, I forgot, Floyd Money Mayweather is not thinking about boxing at the moment. And it has been a move that has been highly criticized by boxing fans, writers and commentators and one which have been called the height of arrogance and disrespectful of the fans and the sport that has made him who he is.

But after Manny Pacquiao annihilated the tallest, the biggest, the heaviest and certainly the baddest fighter he has ever fought in Antonio Plaster-of-Paris Margarito, boxing fans have only one thing on their minds.

And you guessed it… the Manny-Money Mega Fight.

Manny… Manny… Manny…

Money… Money… Money…

Money-Manny Manny-Money

Either way, it sounds the same, even if you are rooting for one or the other.

People are now crying out for the Fight of the Century, the Mega Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight!

The billing would eventually depend on who you’re rooting for.

And in order for this fight to really stand up for all the hype already generated and still being generated by all this broken down negotiations, and exchanges of tirades and allegations, it should come sometime in 2011 or both would be a little lesser than their primes.

And Floyd or Manny must not fight anyone else besides each other anymore, well no not until they both meet up first and then they can fight any other wannabee pound-for-pound.

And of course depending on the outcome, a rematch should be in very good order. Yes, as the boxing world has waited long enough and one lucky punch or one unlucky mistake shouldn’t define the legacies of either one of this generation’s greatest boxers. (And because fortunately or unfortunately since they both are in the same height and weight class, there shouldn't be any reason why they shouldn't meet up in the boxing ring).

Epic Trilogy?

Of course, in case the other fighter wins that second fight, then a third and deciding match should also be scheduled. And these fights alone would probably be enough to put boxing back in the hearts and minds of fight fans at least for this new decade.

But like any Tom, Dick and Harriet Boxing Fan, the First Floyd-Manny Fight (if it should ever materialize) should first happen and we are all aware that it should have happened on the day of the Mayweather-Mosley Fight Night, or either on the Pacquiao-Clottey or the Pacquiao-Margarito Fights.

Come to think of it, these three fights have been exciting enough to watch, but of course who wouldn’t want to watch Manny fight Money? And who wouldn’t want to watch Money challenge Manny for the Title of the Undisputed best-pound-for-pound fighter of ours and their era?

Now before and during the Money-Sugar Shane Fight, many fans were holding their breaths that Mosley wouldn’t pull an upset on Mayweather.

And thank their lucky stars, Mayweather was not only able to withstand that scary second round but turn the fight around and win the next rounds convincingly.

Also before the Manny-Antonio Fight (and the Manny-Joshua Fight) some people were kind of in pins-and-needles because a loss by Manny, especially a shocking knock-out loss would take away a lot from the drama of this highly anticipated Money-Manny Fight.

But then again, a Money loss, especially to Mosley would have made a bigger damper and loss of interest on this supposedly greatest boxing event in our present generation.

Anyway both Money and Manny prevailed and so the only question begging to be answered is when?

When will the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao Dream Match finally be a Reality?

People have said that if Manny loses to Antonio Margarito and especially in a KO loss, then Floyd Mayweather Jr, should and would be calling him out.

Also, many people have said that if Manny wins over Margarito and especially if he wins big, then Manny Pacquiao should and would be calling Money out.

So that moment has arrived!

The time for excuses, the time for innuendos and the time for mind games are over!

And now, would Floyd Money Mayweather Jr. be “man” enough to throw away all his demands and finally agree to fight Manny Pacquiao on equal terms as all the rest of the other fighters who agreed to challenge Manny? And never mind if all of them have become part of the Manny Fallen Video Highlights.

Or will Floyd Money Mayweather Jr. be the only man, “wise” enough not to climb up the ring with the Best Pound For Pound Fighter In The World Today?

Your call…

Anyway, Manny plays billiards, plays basketball, plays darts, plays the guitar, sings and do many other things too. Maybe Money can challenge him in any one of those other things first.

Any which way, the world awaits?

What now Manny Pacquiao? Retire? Fight Cotto? Fight Mosley, Berto, Bradley, Williams or somebody else?

BUT more importantly, what now Floyd Mayweather?

David Diaz did it. Oscar Dela Hoya did it. Miguel Cotto did it. Ricky Hatton did it. Joshua Clottey did it. Antonio Margarito did it. Will you?

Or will you be the only one with the foresight to say that "I now know better not to climb that ring of no return. And I don't want to be added to that long list, no, no, no." And besides I want to keep my immaculate record. Please real boxing fans would care less with that unbeaten record until you as number two best pound-for-pound would challenge the number one best pound-for-pound.

And Manny for your fan’s sake, just take the blood tests, even though you need not to and not because Money demanded it (which was a good idea anyway but one which has served it's purpose already). But because many of your fans would want you to, just so to finally clear your name and your legacy, especially with all the peds and the steroid innuendos, yes even if there has been no real hard and real evidence. And yes before the lure of politics take you finally away from the boxing world.

Manny and Money in 2011

Let’s get ready to rumble! 2011 or bust!

The boxing world awaits with a baited breath.

Manny Pacquiao's Incredible Once-In-A-Lifetime March Through A Record Eight Weight DIvisions, Boxing History And Possible Boxing Greatness

1995 he first fought professionally undertrained, underweight and undernourished, weighing less than the minimum boxing fighting weight and needing to carry a few heavy objects in his underpants to make the weight.

1.1998 WBC Flyweight Title

2. 2001 - IBF Junior Featherweight Title

3. 2003 - Lineal Featherweight

  • Becomes first Asian fighter to win three titles in three different weight divisions

4. 2005 - WBC Super Featherweight Title or Junior Light Weight

  • Becomes first Asian fighter to win four titles in four different weight divisions

5. 2008 - WBC Lightweight Title

  • Becomes first Asian fighter to win five titles in five different weight divisions
  • Lineal Junior Lightweight Title
  • Beats Oscar Dela Hoya who at that time holds the record of winning six titles in six different weight divisions

6. 2009 - IBO Junior Welterweight Title

  • Lineal Light Welterweight Title
  • Ties the record for six titles in six different weight divisions
  • Becomes first fighter to win four lineal weight division titles

7. 2009 - WBO Welterweight Title ((Fought at a Catchweight of 145 lbs)

8. 2010 - WBC Super Welterweight or Light Middleweight Title (Fought at a Catchweight of 150 lbs)

  • Fifth Lineal?

Note: The record eight titles will depend on how you count it because boxers and boxing analysts aren't really known for their mathematical skills. And depending still if you consider titles won that were fought at catchweights (lighter than the actual weight). And depending still because of today's alphabet soup titles.

But most people who do not see color and the weight and the language proficiency, wouldn't need that much prodding to see how spectacular this feat and this run up in weight and titles has been. And he still has a few more fights ahead.

Additionally, Pacquiao has held three Ring titles.

Manny Pacquiao Grabs his Eight Title in Eight Different Weight Divisions

Again David Wins Over Goliath

Margarito (on the left) was 5 inches taller, had a 6 inch reach advantage and was about 17 pounds heavier at fight night (November 13, 2010) over Pacquiao (on the right).
Margarito (on the left) was 5 inches taller, had a 6 inch reach advantage and was about 17 pounds heavier at fight night (November 13, 2010) over Pacquiao (on the right).

Lead Up To The November 13 Fight

HBO Boxing: Antonio Margarito's Greatest Hits

HBO Boxing: Manny Pacquiao's Greatest Hits


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