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Sochi Olympic Review on the Ladies Figure Skating

Updated on August 11, 2014

Sochi medalists


Review on Sochi Result

Sochi Olympics is a rubbish as far as ladies figure skating is concerned. It needs to be deleted in the annuls of ladies figure skating history.

It's an blatant insult to human intelligence and sanity.

So I think it's time to show the correct scores in Sochi Olympics.

But I am not going to use protocol. I have a few reasons. One of them is that, after Sochi the ISU has lost its valid status as a headquarter of sport, and the current judging system has been severely abused and insulted.

There is little point to argue in detail through the current protocol while judging itself has been made to serve as a means of fraud.

First, Adelina Sotnikova.

In fact, Sotnikova was my favorite Russian skater. The reason is quite obvious. I know many figure fans do not particularly love her due to her involvement, of course involuntarily, in Sochi But Sotnikova was the one I picked for the future of Russian ladies figure skating.

Her edge was the best among the Russian lot. Sotnikova's performance in Sochi was personal achievement, and that shouldn't be discounted. At the same time, that's only valid within her own personal capacity.

She should have received 62 for the short, and 128 with my compliment for the free if judging were accurate and unbiased.

Carolina Kostner did a wonderful job, of course, compared to her past disastrous outing. I was delighted to see her do a solid outing. But to be precise her performance as a top skater was done conservatively and strategically calculated to ensure error-free.

But again compared to other skaters, of course, Kostner demonstrated maturity and control, but not much excellence to the standard. She would have received +1 GOE in general, but again due to the low quality of the field. Kostner would have deserved about 202 or up to 205.

For Yuna Kim. I wasn't impressed; I was too used to the usual Kim. At the same time I marveled at her, thinking if it's ever possible to beat this skater. Her triple lutz would have received -2, and her score would be 215 or up to 220 due to the field.

As I watch them again, I've found myself shaking my head muttering: Crazy. It's nuts! It is simply amazing to see how the sub-Kim dwarfed the rest.

Kim's speed was only 80% of her own average, her jump height was low, her stamina appeared suffering significant drainage, but her performance was utterly incomparable in quality, precision, line, flow and even speed.

Basically Kim was 10 to 15 points ahead of the runner-up Kostner. That's fair to say.

Adelina Sotnikova in Sochi

What in Sotnikova's skating do you think is the most deficient in comaprison with other veteran skaters?

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How do you score Sotnikova's free?

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Carolina Kostner in Sochi

What feature in Kostner's skating do you think most outstanding in comparison with Sotnikova's?

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Yuna Kim in Sochi

What feature in Kim's skating do you think most sets her apart from others?

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The Olympics for the Dumb and Dumber

After Sochi, the ISU led by Ottavio Cinquanta insisted that there hadn't been a foul play in the judging in Sochi, hoping that that could settle the problem.

But it turned out it's not impossible to gloss over Sochi Olympics unless you joined that mad party with sanity.

The degree of this global fraud was simply mind-boggling.

Granted that our life is full of lie and bullshit, there is something called deception; that is, when you deceive someone, you are tyring to make it look plausible.

That's why we are angry with the kind of art of deception in which we are fooled.

But Sochi Scandal was beyond fraud or deception.

You are caught red-handed. Your hands are full of blood and a corpse lies beside you, and a hundred witnesses have seen you killing that man, and it was recorded.

Then you are saying you didn't do anything to that dead body at your feet.

Take a look at the two clips: One is Sotnikova's 2013 Worlds, the other is her 2014 Olympic Victory.

You don't have to be an figure expert to know that there is little difference between two performances.

A message is clear: the ISU as an institution has given up its representation for figure skating .

Adelina Sotnikova in 2013

Adelina sotnikova in 2014

Which of the two programs by Sotnikova do you think was better performed ?

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    • profile image

      remedy for jokers 2 years ago

      do not ever underestimate camera works in fs general. you will be amazed how hardcore even best skater will be fan of the skater once they watched the skater on live. just ask kurt and 100 of other who did live boadcasting.

    • profile image

      Baron 3 years ago

      -2 goe for yuna's lid is quite harsh. You someone -2 for a double footed landing. I would give 0 GOE

    • profile image

      Justin Williams 3 years ago

      Don't watch this version of adios nonino. (This version was corrupted)

      Watch Nbc version instead . It's on

      Just type Yuna Kim adios nonino. In you will see the nbc one.

    • Paige Summers profile image

      Paige Summers 3 years ago

      Jessie, I don't mean to discredit all that you're standing up for (I've read your articles), but your article here insinuates Yuna was only 80% of her usual self and her jumps were low? As a figure skating columnist, how can you say the exact same thing that NYT and NBC are saying?? that Yuna's jumps were not as great - they were lower than sotnikova (NYT had a field day in their Photoshop department to come up with that image to make it look like sotnikova's jumps were higher...)

      I recommend you take a look at the raw camera work, not the broadcast version. search youtube for fancam versions.



      Yuna's speed is as fast as ever and her jumps were not low at all... If only the broadcasting had better angles and camera work, we wouldn't need to search for fancams or do endless reruns of her performance to truly appreciate what Yuna put out to the stage that night. We would have just felt it right there and then as in 2013 Worlds (Les Miserables no doubt wrote history that day) (not that I didn't appreciate her performance on that night, but I'm sure there are people who thought Yuna was lacking due to the manipulative camera work) and she did not slow down or suffer stamina drainage - she had no point of rest and she kept going like energizer, which is actually mind boggling - her performance in tact till the very end. Oh and as for your take on Sotnikova's edge being the best... Although you say best among Russians, the major criticism she gets is on her poor edge use... please please don't leave misleading impressions like that...

      For Yuna who's always been extraordinary, keeping up with her reputation is that much harder. People will expect more and maybe being great all the time is a disadvantage. For Yuna who performed with the exact same elements as Les Miserables in Adios Nonino had to suffer the criticism of degradation. For Carolina who has not had luck at the Olympics in the past holds it together for both short and long programs for the first time and she surprises with 3F3T in short - that is a massive news and everyone compliments her saying her performances were memorable. I tell you, if Yuna had exact same performance in a different atmosphere (where not everyone was being competitive and hostile towards her because they feared she might win again as in Sochi) and actually won the medal, the review will be very different.