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Sochi Scandal

Updated on July 21, 2014

Cinquanta's ISU

After Sochi Scandal, the ISU swiftly, as always whenever facing a judging scandal, moved to find a scapegoat.

The repertoire is the same old story, so predictable. A new set of judging rules or modification of the rules and so forth.

But they know. And we know too, and everybody knows it ain't scratch its tail.

No matter how the ISU changes the rules, they know how to manipulate because they are the one who made it.

Currently the ISU is dominated by Cinquanta line Pro-Russians who steered the ship in Sochi.

But let's be fair. It doesn't matter whether they are Russians or people who believe European hegemony.

What matters is whether or not we can free the sport from international politics or mad chauvinism so that the sport can be a sanctity where human endeavors for perfection plays out at its best.

The point is there isn't any mechanical judging device for figure skating. Figure skating is an artistic sport.

Remember, it's only human beings that appreciate the art.

Therefore, figure skating judging has to be done by human beings. That's the bottom line.

Cinquanta and Putin

The two seem to share many things in common. Among them  stood out Sochi Olympics
The two seem to share many things in common. Among them stood out Sochi Olympics | Source

How to Free the Sport from Internaitonal Politics

Cinquanta's ISU has in the past boasted how the judging system is human error or corruption free.

But in Sochi, it was the ISU that turned out to be the most corrupt sport congregation in the world.

It does not really matter whether those pro-Russians judges or high ranking officials conspired together for what kind of political agendas.

The problem is even now they have no intention to make things right.

Granted,all human beings are fallible when it comes to national pride and its allegiance. We are all so incorrigibly warped within with our nationalism.

So, unless we strip all national ties in the sport competition, sport corruption especially in the figure skating remain there, always stink.

But that's why we can't stop here.

We can't stall because our innate flaw once failed us. When we compete in the sport, we don't represent our nations alone; we are representing human endeavor in the principle of the sport.

Especially, our pride and our virtue in excellence of athletic strife lie in our integrity, not winning by all means or a fabricated victory.

What the ISU needs is re-education.

Though embarrassing it seems, the ISU members are subject to this moral disciplinary actions.

Sport is a sport; it's not a political tool.

So long as figure skating remains as a sport, Sochi Olympics is the greatest shame to the ISU, to Russia and to all who cheered to that fraud.

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Sport or Nation?

Sochi Scandal is an example that shows why sports should be separated from politics.

Unfortunately our athletes have to compete under the banner of our nations in all sport events.

Now we need to prioritize things.

Dick Button's Speech on the ISU

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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      I found this fascinating. I'm not an expert on figure skating and not a fan of "judged" events, but they can be exciting if everyone gets to compete on an even ground. Dick Button is correct. How about professional judges from non-competing nations rotated every 2 years? A solution will be complicating because nationalism will get in the way every time.