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Training on How to Shave

Updated on January 31, 2016

 It is very important for teenagers to be prepared for the time when they turn into adults and become independent. This transition in their lives is very crucial as they are expected to live the family and live on their own. Life skills emerge to be of great importance. How to shave is one of those basic life skills.


You may say it is not a great issue adults can use electric razors or safety ones. Yet, when it comes to very poor societies where pennies matter, you have to think of cheap and safe alternatives.

When it comes to boys with special needs especially those with mental problems it is really critical.Those teen agers need help and support to become self dependent and perform basic routines by themselves.

Shaving the balloon is a simple game to do.You get some balloonsand blow them.You put some shaving foam on them. You then give the young teenager a razor and ask him to shave for the balloon. The balloon represents his face and he has to shave it without blowing it out.

It is an interesting game but it needs practice to excel. This is a veryexciting and fun game. Boys with special needs learn how to shave in an amusing atmosphere.

I really want to thank SETI Sohag institute and Karitas Egypt for giving me the opportunity to be through this experience. I hope every one can benefit from it.


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