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What is your Favorite Sport

Updated on July 2, 2013

Most Popular Sports in the US

Baseball, Basketball, Football and Soccer; some of the more popular sports in the US.
Baseball, Basketball, Football and Soccer; some of the more popular sports in the US. | Source

Pro Sports Team

The majority of members in our communities are fans of some kind of sport, usually more than one. For many fans seeing their favorite sport, or team, in person is a real treat. Unfortunately many factors can keep fans from visiting their local stadium or arena to see a game.

The biggest factor for many is the cost. Tickets aren’t exactly cheap to many sporting events and by the time you combine the costs of parking and something to eat or drink you are out a bunch of money. This problem gets compounded when you have a family because every cost gets multiplied for each person in the household.

Of course many fans save up for their dream trip to see their team, that big playoff game or even a championship game. For these diehard fans they are usually treated to a really memorable experience. Not only are they rewarded by seeing their team compete in person but they can also enjoy visiting a new city. Being able to travel, and see a game, is a combination that many sports fans would cherish.

Most Popular Sports in the World

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Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl has become the premiere one day sporting event. Not only does the Super Bowl crown the champion in the National Football League (NFL) but it has grown into a multiple day festival that can transform the host city.

Fans can flock from all over to see their favorite team playing for the Vince Lombardi trophy or to just go and see the big game in person. Many sports fans are aware of the groups of fans that have attended most of the Super Bowls, regardless of which teams are actually playing in the game.

The Super Bowl has surpassed being a championship game. It has evolved into an economic boost for the host city and advertisers compete to come up with the best commercial, which has evolved into its own attraction. The commercials certainly haven’t eclipsed the popularity of the NFL but a large percentage of our population, who don’t watch NFL games, will watch the Super Bowl; my wife and daughter are part of this group.

Backyard Baseball

A well used baseball
A well used baseball | Source

Major League World Series

Being a huge baseball fan I would love to see a World Series game in person, especially if my team was competing.

The baseball World Series won’t have the same flair that the Super Bowl does because it is not a one game, winner take all event. The World Series is a best of seven series with the winner being the first team to record four victories.

The World Series, unlike the Super Bowl, is not a predetermined location. It will benefit the two teams participating in the games. Both cities are guaranteed a minimum of two games and will get more if the series goes more than four games. Each city can profit from some fans staying in town for multiple days.


Typical white practice softball
Typical white practice softball | Source

Softball World Series

Even though baseball is my first love watching the Softball World Series is a treat for me. If you are a passionate fan of baseball, and haven’t seen some college softball games on TV, you are missing out. Not only do these young women play the game with amazing skill and precision but the shear speed of the game is unreal.

The base paths are sixty feet apart, just like Little League, and the fences are usually barely over two hundred feet away from home plate. The pitchers circle is hardly forty feet away from the plate and these pitchers can usually break the seventy mile per hour plateau, throwing underhand!

I played for many years and I can comfortably say that I would be completely embarrassed trying to hit off of these pitchers. In fact some major league players have tried to hit off some of the pitchers from our past Olympic teams and it was very one sided, in favor of the women; I’m not surprised.


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    • adjkp25 profile image

      David 4 years ago from Northern California

      torrilynn - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm a big sports fan too so I enjoy watching quite a few of them, if I can get some down time in front of the TV.

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 4 years ago

      I love your hub and I also love sports. Sports such as track, tennis, and basketball are what I am interested in as of now. Interesting. Voted up.

    • adjkp25 profile image

      David 5 years ago from Northern California

      Marcy - Here in the states I think it is a coin toss (no pun intended) between football and baseball. Around the world soccer is hugely popular but violence can certainly be a problem at some matches. Thanks for the vote.

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      I would like to say American Football is the most popular sport, but I suspect Futbol (sp?) is more popular. It's an addiction and can inspire riots in countries where it's played. Interesting hub! Voted up and up!

    • adjkp25 profile image

      David 5 years ago from Northern California

      Nettlemere - Noted, thanks for commenting.

    • Nettlemere profile image

      Nettlemere 5 years ago from Burnley, Lancashire, UK

      I should have voted for other, because cricket is my favourite ball sport to watch, but ticked football instead, so I'm recording a written vote for cricket!

    • adjkp25 profile image

      David 5 years ago from Northern California

      teaches12345 - Sports has definitely become a mainstay in many lives, mine included. The great part is you can get a different answer, just by asking a different country. Thanks

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      It is amazing at how much sports has become such a popular form of entertainment in the past decade. I see everything from football to billiards on ESPN Coverage. It is great that we do have options to choose from. I love football, but wouldn't say it was number one in the world. Interesting read.