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Sports- An essential part in human development

Updated on September 16, 2015

Sports teaches us to be competitive and a good team player

Sports is an essential medium for improvement of child physical and mental strength.Various sport activities help them grow faster along with sharper brains.

In case of mental strength , various sports like chess, checker , vedio games like counter -strike, need for speed,age of empire etc enhance child's mind. In case of chess child can develop various strategies to use all its pawns in best possible way. Same is in the case of checkers. Here also child has to constantly think of all alternate routes to make sure he wins. Not just mental strength comes from these sedentary games. These are also enhanced in physical games like football,basketball, table tennis. lawn tennis etc.Apart from physical strength , one needs mental will power and strategy to counter other's attack. For winning these games, participant or their coach(es) notice other persons weakness and preapare strategy to win against them.

Apart from mental strength, especially in 2 player games child can learn to become competitive. At a tender age, simply by playing football or participating in game, child's mind is develop to win against another. Say for example in case of race, children learn to do their best so that they can win race. The winner always gets some prize. This inspires others to do their best, come first and work hard . In short be competitive , do better than others to win the race.

However ironically apart from being competitive, it also teaches them to be a team player. Now "competitive" term show us how to move ahead of team mate. "Teamp player " on other hand , show us how to convert our strength to our team mate's weakness and vice versa. This can be explained with a simple example. In case of more than 2 player games like football , we have 2 sections. First section consists of players that play as "forward player" targeting opponent goal. Second section consist of "defender player" that save their goal post against opponents goals. In this case team can only win when both kinds of players play co-cordially with each other. By synchronizing with each other entire team should justify team spirit.

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What does sports teach?

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Should sports be included in school curricullum?

Usually in India schools usually have a games period. Also in case of higher secondary classes like 11th or 12th a special subject(physical education) is allotted where sports numbers are calculated by PHE teacher. Thereby these numbers are added in overall marks at the end of term.

Now question arises, should it be necessary to include a special period for sports for kids in school? In school kids come to study , then why is there a special period for games? Why can't parents spend time on them for sports activities?

Its an endless debate. But major points comes in favor of schools having special sports activities for children.

  • Learn to co-operate and be a team player:- When kids play in a large circle with other kids , games like hockey, football or simple "Ring a Roses". Then they learn to win by co-coordinating with team mates.
  • Reduce their study saturation:- Sports gives refreshment to students from their daily studies. Thus they become refreshed and could concentrate better.
  • Sports at home vs at school:- School area is usually huge. Schools can incorporate various kinds of games. They have basketball ground, football ground, table tennis , lawn tennis etc. Also they have a dedicated teacher for same. At home parents might not have so much space to play games like football or hockey properly. Moreover to fulfill that they might not have knowledge about same.So chances of learning specific sports with good guidance is more in school as compared to home.
  • Sports fee outside school is too expensive! :- If a person has to learn sports say shooting. Its too costly in terms of equipment , space , playground and coach.However school can provide sports knowledge in comparatively less fees as compared to personalized coaching.
  • Schools provide more competitive platform:- Schools provide good platform for competition by bringing the talented students to national , state and inter school competition.Thereby bringing them in limelight before professional sports persons.
  • Schools can bring special funds for international/ national level competitions:- If a student(s) is qualified to compete with other persons internationally then schools can arrange government or sports quota funds to enable him to compete freely in all kinds of sports at all level anywhere.

What is your opinion? Should sports be part of school schedule?

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Olympics:- Another aspect of sport competition

Olympics is the greatest sport competition around the world. Many countries participate in this event. An Olympic torch is lighted in the country that hosted it last time and moved around all participant countries. Later this same torch is brought to host country which is hosting this event at present.Over 13,000 athletes compete at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games in 33 different sports and nearly 400 events. The first, second, and third-place finishers in each event receive Olympic medals: gold, silver, and bronze, respectively.

Many countries nominate each year to be host of Olympics.The Olympic Movement consists of international sports federations (IFs), National Olympic Committees (NOCs), and organizing committees for each specific Olympic Games. As the decision-making body, the IOC is responsible for choosing the host city for each Games, and organizes and funds the Games according to the Olympic Charter.

But the question arises, why countries nominate themselves to host this event?

Advantages of Hosting a Major Event

  • Raise profile of city / country:-Raising the profile of a city can lead to lasting economic benefits. For example, cities which host the Olympics can be assured of a persistent increase in recognition and tourism.
  • Long Term Investment:-A significant benefit is the long-term investment which comes from preparing for a major event. The city / country will have a legacy of improved sporting venues. Also, cities will usually have to invest in infrastructure and transport to cater for influx of cities.
  • Jobs and Investment.:-The several years of planning and investment will help create jobs and can revitalize depressed cities. This was an important claim of the London Olympics, choosing a site in East London, which at the time was relatively depressed. It is estimated the London Olympics 2012, will create 8,000 full time jobs, and lead to a boost in economic output of close to £2bn.
  • Enthusiasm:-It is often easy to find reasons not to host a major sporting event, too much debt, more important priorities. But, a major sporting event can create enthusiasm and excitement for such an event. It can help promote uptake of sport which has lasting benefits for the nation’s health. Also, a major sporting event can lead to a rise in volunteerism which promotes civic virtues.
  • Short Term economic benefits:-The Olympics will see a surge in visitors, athletes and media. This will provide an increase in spending and injection of money into the local economy. However, this injection of money, will only be short-term (a few weeks) and make little overall impact on the wider economy. Also, the injection of foreign visitors may be offset by locals leaving to avoid the influx and over-crowding.

Disadvantages of Hosting Major Sporting Events

  • Cost of building stadiums:-To host a major sporting event like the Olympics can cost significant sums, which have to be paid for by the taxpayer. Costs of Olympics have a tendency to rise over time and be much greater than expected.
  • Short Term Use:-Many facilities built for the Olympics can never be fully used again. e.g. an 80,000 athletic stadium will rarely be full outside of the Olympics. This can be mitigated by careful planning. e.g. the London Olympic stadium will be used by West Ham, other Olympic facilities, like the Olympic village will be converted into affordable housing.
  • Potential for negative publicity:-If things go well, a city can benefit from positive publicity, but if things go badly, it can cause the opposite. For example, the Winter Olympics has received adverse publicity because of corruption and cost over-runs. The football World Cup in Qatar, could back-fire, if players complain about the heat. Delhi suffered negative publicity over the state of its facilities at the Commonwealth Games.
  • Cost of security:-Major sporting events increasingly have to implement higher levels of security. This is both costly and can restrict freedom of movement of local citizens during games.
  • High taxes to pay cost:- Some cities have seen an increase in tax post games to finance a loss making sporting event. The post-games cost of London is uncertain.
  • Should a Country like the UK be Hosting a Major Event with a large national debt?

    The UK’s national debt is over 62% of GDP. Annual Borrowing in 2011/12 is close to 10% of GDP. In these times of spending cuts, should we be spending money on a sporting event?

    The investment and spending are important given the state of economy. With unemployment close to 3 million, this investment helps create economic recovery. The investment has potential for leading to higher growth and higher future tax revenues.

Exercise:- An option in company culture

There is a growing industry having sedentary type of work. IT industry is also one of them.Due to sedentary life style , people become obese. Obesity leads to various problems like heart disease,hypertension, diabetes etc. These diseases can affect a persons health in extreme way. These kinds of work like sitting before computers for long hours requires mental churning but no physical burnout.Also with change in our lifestyle , we mostly eat junk food.This food contains fat which deposit in our body if we dont burn it via excercise. Ultimately we become fat.

Exercise helps in gaining freshness, physical fitness and good health.It helps to keep employee's mind fresh , relaxed and tension free. A good flow of oxygen by running or cycling can actually help us mentally and physically fit.

But since a person has lots of work in office, he cannot devote much time in exercise regime. This ultimately affect employee health, there by his performance in long term.If an employee is not well then it does affect company performance

To counter this few measures company should take:-

1)A dedicated gym or workout place should be present in company premises.

2)Employees should be given some time out of their hectic schedule to spend in outdoor activities

3)Few championships or tournaments should be organized among companies to maintain interest levels of employees. It increases team interaction and releases project tension.

4)HR should circulate daily health mails regarding proper diet and health exercise to counter health issues.

Should there be sports facilities available at office

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Professional Players:- An inspiration to All

There are various instances in world where young talent were asked about their role models responsible for their victory. Various professional players , nowadays have huge fan following just like any other Bollywood or Hollywood star. Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Phelps , Roger Federer, Serena Williams,Lionel Messi, Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods,Arnold Schwarzenegger etc. Its a never ending list.

Everywhere, from brand endorsements, to charity functions, commentary section, interviews , they are seen. They have huge fan following.Every company wants to sign them since they are most read about.Twitter, Facebook ,Google +, sports professionals are just like stars.Many people follow them.

But do you think how much responsibility they have if they are famous?

Say for instance take an example of Hansie Cronje. He was a famous South African cricketer. Many people follow him. But he did a wrong thing. He was involved in match fixing game. This might put some bad affect on young minds

Similarly there are many sports person who get involved in drugs after becoming famous. This not only destroys their career but also affect their fans too.

If any professional body builder promote wrong protein brand then, this might affect health of people who are buying them due to their role model.

So, ultimately if a role model does anything wrong, its going to affect fans in wrong way.After becoming famous and professional sports players have huge responsibility to be a right persons, otherwise people will follow their wrong words easily.

At the same time it is difficult to be right all time, its also good to be famous. Since a professional player has huge reach to people via media. They can easily mould people thoughts towards positive and good things.

If players do charities, it does encourage their fans to participate in same. If a player is involved for a cause, its going to get attention due to his status.They can easily use their fame for good of society and bringing poor talent forward.

Does Sports involve Voilence?

"A kick on face brings one more point to Tyson"

said the commentator quickly after 1st ring bell. This is a scene from a boxing competition. Its usually a 3 round fight between 2 boxers. Boxing technique is used , where hands are used to punch at some specific points. Up to three judges are typically present at ringside to score the bout and assign points to the boxers, based on punches that connect, defense, knockdowns, and other, more subjective, measures.

Almost same happens in games like Judo , Karate or WWE. But each of them award points based on area in which person is hit or knocked out.

So to some extent its true that overpowering other opponent is the base for these kinds of games. It does leads to ultimately hitting other person(s). So in short it promotes violence.

However if taken in game spirit these games are fun to watch. So as long as participant don't badly hurt other person and play games by rules. Various referees or third party persons are there to handle too much violence. Various protection grids are also part of these games to avoid any serious injuries.

This debate is never ending , weather to show these sports on TV or not. It all depends on what is viewer perception.

What's your opinion? Does Sports involve Voilence?

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    • Shuchi12 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Yes. Totally Agree . If Blood circulation is good , Oxygen can reach better at all places in our body . If this happens , we are stress free and relaxed.

      Just like in Yoga, simple stretching and breathing can increase blood circulation there be happy and calm.

    • Happy Moment profile image


      3 years ago from The Eastern Bypass

      Physical activities promote blood circulation which keeps us physically fit. When blood circulation is good, toxic body wastses are easily eliminated


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