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Sports Arbitrage Tips

Updated on March 22, 2011

Sports Arbitrage

Sports Arbitrage is a system where you bet on each possible outcome of a sporting event. This means that no matter what happens in the game, match or race you will get a win from one of your bets. The secret is to ensure the amount you are guaranteed to win exceeds your total amount staked

This is done by examining the odds for each out come. Based on this it is simple to evaluate the amount of money needed to be bet to win £100. Then add up those stakes and if the total is less than £100 then you have a Sports Arbitrage opportunity.

Bookies know that punters do Sports Arbitrage and have 2 opinions on it. Some will let people Arb because it does no harm in the long run, and can help a bookie shift their position on an event. Other Bookies will limit arbers so they have a maximum they can bet per month or on any given game.

This is not a problem though because there are so many bookmakers out there that you can always find a new one to sign up with. You just need to ensure your method for finding arbs can extend to that bookmaker.

Arbs are usually placed online but can also be placed in person at the bookmakers. Some bookmakers are run from shops but not online, so doing this can expand the opportunities and find arbs that are not available to other people.


  • Ensure you have opened and funded your bookie accounts before trading
  • Use an arb alert service to get the latest arbs
  • Understand the odds by doing a few "paper arbs" before betting real money
  • Work out how you will minimise charges bookies impose on credit card deposits or withdrawals.


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