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Sports to Die for

Updated on December 20, 2014

Greatest Sport Stunts

Try falling asleep without falling to your death..and that is sport!
Try falling asleep without falling to your death..and that is sport! | Source

Sports for the Elite

Ever wondered why an incurable laugh cripples upon you, when you escape from a dangerous ordeal like a raging bull. The answer is simple, you cheated death, and your brain rewards you for that achievement. You typically feel that you raced against the odds and featured as the best, as such you are exceptional. In the same way that dangerous situations evaded/escaped can generate excitement it is also true with some sports. A sub-genre of these sports is so risky that their participants know that they have a more than fifty percent chance of dying in the act. Nevertheless, people take part because nothing else beats the rush of excitement generated by such. When we talk about extreme sports, we think of things like American football, rugby, boxing and wrestling. However, the most dangerous sports are the most spectacular to watch when executed correctly, but blinding if a mistake does occurs.

Many may still say that American football is plenty dangerous but when you compare it to Wingsuit flying it no longer seems that extreme. A real extreme sport calls upon you to risk it all for the glory, applauses and immorality. The fact that you gambled with your life, either makes you insane or a hero. And a yes to the latter if the rewards are socially acceptable. Hundreds of websites can tell you which one is an extreme sport and which is not depending on the scale. For what is life but a measure of tendency featured or drawn to a scale? Every individual has a criterion that helps in the rating of events, preferences and occurrences. So I will assist you in evaluating which sport is truly the ultimate thrill seekers dream. For starters a sport has to be enjoyable and hard to execute safely good examples of this include Parkour, downhill mountain biking and motocross.

The second factor to consider is the probability of loss of life. Some sports are almost guaranteed to end your life, for instance, ice climbing, deep sea scuba diving and free climbing. The other factor is the possibility of survival if and when things do go wrong. You can get too ambitious on the rugby pitch and pay for it with a torn shoulder muscle. But in a world full of extremes its only nature that there exist sports that are not so forgiving such as extreme biking (BMX), paragliding, bungee jumping and cave diving. The last element is the mountain of impossibility for the average person to do the same thing. Travis Pastrana is amazing at all he does the odds that a person on the street can step up and take his place is a 100000:1. Hence, Travis by virtual of experience has made his craft feature under extreme sporting activities. Therefore, there are a number of sports that are indeed painfully difficult for the ordinary person to do and do safely. These include canoeing, cliff jumping, base jumping and sky surfing. Which do you think are the most extreme sports that make the impossible achievable?


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    • David Rugu profile image

      David Rugu Ngigi 3 years ago from Kitui, Kenya

      what is extreme to you?