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Spring Time At Disneyland

Updated on March 29, 2016
Spring Time At Disneyland.
Spring Time At Disneyland.

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Something about the Spring has me day dreaming about Disneyland. I think about the beautiful weather, gorgeous blooms all over the park, and tea cup spins. Not to mention Dole Whips, mint juleps, and all the yummy treats in the park. During Spring the park comes to life in color and flowers! It is so pretty and besides Autumn, one of my favorite times of the year to go. I wanted to share with all of you how pretty Disneyland and California Adventure are during the Spring.


As soon as you enter Disneyland you will notice fresh blooms everywhere. They are in the planters, the trees are in bloom, and on all the lamp posts. The fragrance of flowers are in the air and nothing beats the gorgeous weather we have in SoCal on a Spring day!

The train station on Main Street has so many pretty bells. They are really big and are in lots of different colors. There are also an abundance of pansies in darker hues all over the park,

Right by the Starbucks on Main Street right now there are a ton of fresh flowers on carts and in pots in a really pretty sitting area in front of the lockers. I actually came across them serendipitously. My mom and I have a tradition of always getting a Starbucks on the way out so we stay awake on the car ride home. As we left we walked right into this area and probably spent five minutes looking at all of them. This would be a great place to sit down and have some coffee!

The Hub (the circle part at the end of Main Street where the statue is) is full of flowers during this time of year. I love the view to the castle with all the pink flowered trees. It is so pretty! From the Hub you can also get a gorgeous view of the Matterhorn with these pink trees.

Even Snow White's wishing well has pretty little flowers all over the place. It is so sweet watching all the ducks and ducklings play in the water.

Speaking of ducks, they are everywhere in the park! They are so use to people that they will walk along side you and will dart through the crowds. I love seeing them everywhere. I think they are so funny when people try to pet them and they run away! Sometimes you can also see flocks of baby ducklings following their mommy duck. Nothing is cuter at the park than seeing little baby ducks waddling in a row.

The Matterhorn is also surrounded by gorgeous flowers. Most of them are bells but there are also some flowers that look like wildflowers everywhere. If you stand in this spot long enough you can see the monorail pass through which makes for awesome pictures!

I mentioned tea cup spins earlier and I had to include some pictures of Alice's Adventure in Wonderland as well as the tea cups. I don't know what says Spring more than Alice In Wonderland rides at Disneyland. They are full of whim and pretty pastels. I just want a daisy flower crown in my hair and to whirl around in a tea cup!

California Adventure

California Adventure also has some gorgeous blooms around the park. They may not be as whimsical as Disneyland but they are so California!

Right at the end of Buena Vista Street you will come to a fountain in a circle of trees. In the Spring, they are in full bloom and look so pretty next to the fountain and the Cathay Circle restaurant. At night there are twinkle lights in them too which is pretty magical.

Near the boardwalk area there are tons of yellow daisy's in full bloom! How pretty are they next to Mickey's Fun Wheel? There are also an abundant of poppies in various colors.

I hope you have enjoyed my little floral tour of Disneyland. I had a lot of fun taking pictures for you guys! Although something not so fun happened. I started with California Adventure first and then went onto DIsneyland. Halfway through DIsneyland my camera battery died. I was so mad! Luckily I had my phone on me (which I don't like to use for taking pictures for my Hubs). Lesson learned- always make sure your camera has a fully charged battery!

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© 2016 Lyndsay Gamber


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