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How to shoot a free throw.Meet Dr.Tom Amberry.

Updated on March 25, 2013

Meet Dr.Tom Amberry

Dr.Tom Amberry is popularly known as Dr.Free throw.He has the world record for having shot 2750 free throws in a row in 1993 at age 71.He is known as the "Big Kahuna of Free Throws."

He says that focus and concentration are his secret in his success."

"When I’m shooting a free throw, I don’t think of anything else. I am 100% positive I will make the basket. Never have a negative thought on the free throw line"

7 steps to success in free throw line.

I happen to see a program in which Dr.Tom shares his 7 steps to success.I would like to share them with you.

He calls his method Tom Amberry method of shooting.It is a technique so simple that he claims that he can teach anyone to shoot a free throw without miss.

  1. Feet and shoulder square to the basket.
  2. Bounce the ball three times with the inflation hole up.That helps you to focus.
  3. Thumb in channel.Finger in the line with the inflation hole.
  4. Elbow in.If you bring your elbow in you are 50% better.
  5. Bend your knees and come up with the ball in a smooth motion.
  6. Eyes on the target.
  7. Shoot and follow through.

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    • sereseus profile image

      Albin Pius 5 years ago from kerala,India

      If you find these steps useful please comment and let me know.