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Stop Nipple Chafing from Running the Easy Way with Adhesive Nipplecovers

Updated on January 30, 2014

Ever wanted a simple solution to stop nipple chafing from running? Uplifting Therapies has recently added adhesive nipplecovers to their extensive range of high-quality healthcare products.

These pasties are the perfect answer fitness enthusiasts have been searching for. No longer do athletes have to worry about finding an effective way to shield their nipples, simply apply adhesive nipplecovers and sore, chafed nipples are an issue of the past.

Over the years there have been some inventive methods thought up to try and stop nipple chafing from running. Perhaps the most commonly used option has been band-aids.

Although a seemingly simple solution, using band-aids to stop nipple chafing from running has plenty of downfalls. If you have chest hair, removing band-aids can be rather painful.

Also, since they aren’t designed for the purpose of protecting protruding nipples, the edges of the band-aid can catch on clothing and eventually come unstuck.

Chafing is a soreness or irritation of the skin caused by rubbing or friction.
Chafing is a soreness or irritation of the skin caused by rubbing or friction.

Other options athletes have used to stop nipple chafing from running include applying creams over the nipples.

These creams can create a friction barrier and prevent chafing. However, their protection is short-lived and it doesn’t take long for the cream to rub away or be absorbed by clothing or the skin.

Consequently, athletes either have to regularly re-apply barrier creams while running or run the risk of chafing.

Nipple covers are an excellent alternative to stop nipple chafing from running and far more reliable.

While there are plenty of different pasties available, buyers need to be wary, as not all nipple covers are made equal.

Adhesive Nipplecovers are one of the best options because they are manufactured using the best possible materials and are designed to be suitable for all skin types.

Other brands can cause allergies and other skin reactions due to the toxins within the nipple shield.

Adhesive Nipplecovers are completely free of these potentially irritating chemicals, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

Another common problem with poor quality pasties is that their adhesive properties can be short-lived, for both reusable and disposable nipple shields. Adhesive Nipplecovers don’t have this problem.

Once they have been firmly applied over the nipple they won’t move until you’re ready to remove them.

You can easily take part in a marathon and have complete confidence that your nipples will remain protected for the duration of the race.

Also, for those athletes that participate in water-based sports Adhesive Nipplecovers are an excellent option since they are waterproof.

You can spend time in the surf, at the pool, or training in the rain and still protect your nipples.

Adhesive Nipplecovers are currently available in packs of 5 and 10 pairs from

Uplifting Therapies standby their products and offer a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying out these pasties.

If you want to stop nipple chafing from running, these nipple covers are the most cost effective and convenient way to ensure you get the protection you need.


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