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Streetwise by Peter Condsterdine a brief review

Updated on February 17, 2012

Martial Arts Book Reviews

A Review of Streetwise by Peter Consterdine

Published by Summersdale

ISBN 9781873475522


I am a 1st Dan Black Belt in Kick boxing and am a fully qualified instructor and both train and assist the British Karate and Kickboxing association run by Dave Cartawick and also the British Combat Academy run by Peter Lakin, a long time student of Peter Consterdine, I have trained in kickboxing since 1999 and have also cross trained in various other styles mainly mixed martial arts, karate and Ju-jitsu.

The Author

Peter Consterdine is an 8th Dan in Karate with over 40 years experience in the martial arts he is the Chairman and Co-Chief Instructor of the British Combat Association.  He also teaches on a consultant instructor at the National Police Training College.   He is a former great British and English Karate international and entered the then new full contact games winning the British Middleweight Title.  He is regarded as one of England’s foremost self defence and impact development experts and a world authority on Close Protection, Body Guarding, police defensive tactics and travel security. 


This book is one of the more in depth self protection books out there topics covered include

Principles of personal security

Awareness training system

Threat pyramid

Colour awareness codes

Street security

Conflict psychology

Responses to fear and adrenaline

Threat analysis

Personal security

Home, mobile and office security

Conflict resolution

Self-defence and the law

Martial art myths

Ranges and tools

Impact development

Weapons of the body

Knife defence the realities

Multiple attackers

My Opinion


This book is NOT just your run of the mill self defence book showing rudimentary if your aggressor attacks like so you should response with this type of defence technique/counter. No this book goes into all the ins and out of personal protection and security starting well before events have escalated to the needed responses shown in many books of this genre. The many topics include personal awareness, security on the streets, psychology of conflict, self-defence and the law and many other topics.
Where it exceeds most other books of this genre is the detail into which it goes to demonstrate techniques to learn and habits to develop to avoid possible conflicts and attacks, which many people over look in their every day lives. Also detailed is the covert technique's the criminal element uses to identify potential targets and detailed techniques and habits to form to spot this element and prevent conflict before it has even begun.
As a book on personal security and self defence I would highly recommend this book as it delves into important topics such as victim selection and encounter psychology found lacking in many other self-defence manuals.

Marks 9 out of 10


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