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Summer Employment in Alaska

Updated on May 20, 2015

Alaska: The Last Frontier.

What better way to immerse oneself in its splendor than to spend a summer there? There are many options for entry-level jobs in Alaska that will alloy you to live and work in this scenic state. Whether you want to mush with the best, watch whales or serve tourists, there is sure to be something that will inspire you. Start looking for a job early, such as January through April, as many positions begin in May and run through September.

Denali National Park.
Denali National Park. | Source

Job Listings

Alaska Travel Adventures

Ever wanted to be a whale watching deckhand, sea kayak guide, or Denali camp cook? You can be all that and more through Alaska Travel Adventures. You can expect to earn about $7,000 to $10,000 in pre-tax income from a position that runs May through September.

CIRI Alaska Tourism

Postings are available in the travel and tourism industry at places such as the Talkeetna Wilderness Lodge.

Sled Dog Central

Sled dog kennels post Want Ads for mushers and handlers all over the world, and you can find postings for options located in Alaska here. Pay is minimal, but room and board are often provided for free or at a low cost.

North Pacific Groundfish Observers

Multiple companies offer positions as a North Pacific Groundfish Observer. Observers collect information aboard fishing vessels that is important to managing the groundfish fisheries and minimizing bycatch. This position does have minimum requirements such as 30 semester hours in the biological sciences 5 college-level credits in mathematics and statistics. Pay usually starts at $15 per hour.


Create a USAJOBS account and search for National Park Service or Biological Science Technician postings located in Alaska.

This could be your view if you work as a whale watching deckhand.
This could be your view if you work as a whale watching deckhand. | Source

Find More Listings

For a comprehensive list of jobs in Alaska, check out this Cool Works page, a niche job board where many employers have posted their summer openings.


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