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Super Bowl 50 Prediction.

Updated on February 3, 2016


Well follks, it's been fun. I ended up picking around 65%, which is 2 points better than last year!
Maybe I'll pick 67% next year!

Fleegle's Pick.

So here we are.....after the last couple of months, we've finally come down to the biggest football game of the season! Lets get to it.....

Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers:
The aging veteran versus the young, outspoken, flashy up and comer. The top defense in the league, and the other defense is pretty darn good too. This should be an outstanding game. With the eye test, it looks like Carolina should roll in this game. Look at what they've done so far in these playoffs. Both the offense and defense has been clicking. As for Denver, yes, they have been winning, but Peyton Manning definitely hasn't been the sharpest. They've been riding that defense like they have been all season long. But then again, why wouldn't they? The Broncos have the best defense in football, and have shut down some of the best QB's in the league in this postseason.

This Carolina offense will be the best, most dynamic offense that the Broncos defense will have faced all season. And really, when the Panthers lost Kelvin Benjamin in the preseason, did ANYONE think they were going to go 17-1 and make it to Santa Clara? But despite that, this offense keeps rolling. Cam Newton has turned himself into an outspoken team leader, polarizing figure, and MVP candidate, despite the fact that his team doesn't have a 1,000 yard rusher, or a wide receiver with 750 yards receiving in the regular season. However, he does have Greg Olsen, the TE with 1,100 yards, he does have a knack for the big, momentum shifting play, and, perhaps most important, he has an outstanding defense behind him, led by Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, and Josh Norman. Whether Davis plays/is effective in the Super Bowl with that broken arm he got against Arizona is obviously a big concern, but this defense is stacked.

As for Denver, obviously they have the sentimental factor going for them in the form of Peyton Manning. He's soon to be 40 in March, he's not the same QB he used to be, and frankly, this is probably his last shot at getting his second Super Bowl ring. Yet here they sit in SB50, despite the fact that he's not his normal self. But, the sentimental factor seems to go a long way (see Ray Lewis, 3 years ago for the Ravens). But obviously, the real reason the Broncos are here is because they have the best defense in football, and it's not even close. Demarcus Ware, Von Miller, Aqib Talib, Danny Trevathan, Brandon Marshall, and it goes on and on. They might have a defense that's just good enough to neutralize that Carolina offense.
So, who wins? I don't know. Well, I have an idea, so lets give this a's going to be a struggle of two great defenses. I'm confident in that. The real question is, does Peyton have one more classic game left in him, or does he fall to the new blood of the league? Here's the thing: as good as that Denver defense is, they haven't faced an offense like the one Carolina brings to the table this season. And the Carolina defense has done a great job of making good quarterbacks look terribly average (see Carson Palmer's 6 turnovers), plus Peyton hasn't had a great game all season long.....and I don't think he has one more left in him.

Super Bowl 50 Pick: Carolina Panthers 20, Denver Broncos 13

I know it's cheap to just use my LWOS article but... I mean, I said everything I need to say lol.

@McFleegle (30-33) vs @RyanSmithLWOS (33-30)

As we both picked the Patriots and Panthers last week, I clinched the BITW Challenge victory!
It was a hard fought bout, and Fleegle made it very close, but a slow start ultimately did him in.
For those keeping track at home, this ties us up, 1-1.
Maybe next year, we can find out once and for all who the best in the world REALLY is.


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