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Super Bowl XLV 2011

Updated on January 24, 2011


    Well, It's finally safe to say that we have reached Super Bowl 45! Pittsburgh holding off New York 24-19, and Green Bay leading over Chicago 21-14, both to advance to Arlington. Now that both teams have been nominated to play in the Super Bowl, the only thing left to consider is "who's going to win this one"? Below I have compiled both teams yearly statistics for the last 10 years, and displayed them in graphs.

P.Steelers, G.B. Packers

Below, the 1st graph shows the win/loss comparison for the Pittsburgh Steelers over the past 10 years. Below that, 2nd graph shows the win/loss comparison for the Packers. (Graphs do not include previous Super Bowls, NFC/AFC's, or the tied game for Pittsburgh in 2002).

Win/Win Comparison

Lastly, the graph below displays the win/win comparison between both of the opposing teams. Again over the past 10 years.


So conclusively, historically based, the Steelers have the upper hand in this one. Is this to be true? Who knows. A team can undergo so many changes within 10 years that specific statistics cannot accurately display who will win a certain game. This was merely to determine what team had the best chance of winning. Best of luck.


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    • junkseller profile image

      junkseller 6 years ago from Michigan

      Well I just put 10 large on the Steelers so you better be right.