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Surprising Uses of Hammocks you Might not Know Yet

Updated on September 22, 2016

Since I was a kid, I really love going out. I walk to the mountains and just stay there picking pine cones, or just walking around enjoying the smell of fresh air from Mother Nature. Well, anybody can do this in our place during that time because it is a very safe place for everyone as it is just close to town. I remember going out with my older brothers when they have to gather pinewoods to be used as firewood in our dirty kitchen. Wow, I am just starting to miss those times. Anyway, that time there is no hammock sold yet in our market so when you want to rest, you will just lay down on the ground for a short while. Today, there are already interestingly multi-purpose hammocks out there which you can use anytime and anywhere. I got really interested with its other uses that is why I want to share it to you too because some of it, I really didn’t know it existed.

Hammocks are great for outdoor and indoor activities.
Hammocks are great for outdoor and indoor activities.

For a Comfortable and Emergency Ready Camping or Hiking Experience

Camping outdoors or hiking can also be comfortable apart from the adventure and exciting experience you are looking for.

Use it as a Resting Gear

Hammocks are actually designed as a resting gear indoor and outdoor. You can carry it anywhere you go and hang it using the hammock straps or ropes included in it. It is an ideal resting place when you like to get some fresh air at your backyard, or just want to chill out near the pool or have some comfortable place to nap at the beach. They are also essential when going out on a camping trip and hiking journeys. They come in a very light weight and easy to pack because they are made only out of silk. If you want to check the 7th Heaven Hammock and its features, you might want to visit their store on Amazon. Their product is made out of parachute silk and can hold up to 400lbs. weight.

A sample of a Do-it-Yourself tent with your hammock
A sample of a Do-it-Yourself tent with your hammock

Use as a Tent

Of course when you go out camping, you could have brought with you a tent too. A hammock set can also be used as a tent if still did not know. Even without trees especially in times when you are lost and you got nothing to install but just your hammock. Branches or bamboo sticks can serve as its support especially when you just want to install just a simple shade to take a short rest before you continue walking.

Use it During Emergency Situation

Going outdoors will not always guarantee you a successful journey. In cases that you are caught by a bad weather during your camping or hiking activity or when you are lost, you can use your hammock to catch attention. Lay it like a signal flag so that rescuers on the air will notice you. This is more effective for hammocks with bright colors. When buying your hammock set, you might also want to put this into your consideration so that it will serve this purpose when needed.

Wait, you can also use a hammock to catch rain. Tie the ends on poles or trees then put a rock on the middle part to cause the rainwater to gather there. Place the cup below it and wait for the water to drip. It will be filtered clean by the hammock and during emergency cases where you really have nowhere to get a drinking water, cleanliness will never be an issue.

For Indoor uses that Will Save you Space and Money

After coming from an outdoor activity, the first thing you might do will be to keep your hammock and wait for another call for the next event but not too fast. You might get interested by the other uses you can do at home.

Use it as a Stuff Holder

Have some stuff that are usually scattered on the floor because you frequently need them? Use the hammock set as a keeper for those stuffs. Tie the hammock straps on your wall and put those stuffs in an organized manner. Make sure not to put sharp or pointed equipment so that it won’t damage your hammock.

You can comfortably read or work in your hammock too.
You can comfortably read or work in your hammock too.

Use it as a Napping Bed or a Working Place

Are you a laptop worker getting bored inside your home office? You might want to try working in your backyard to get some fresh air. Tie your hammock in a manner that you can sit on it comfortably and carry with you your laptop.

Have a Good Rest at the Airport

Do you know that some airports or bus terminals will allow you to take a good rest in their area while waiting for your schedule? As an experience, waiting is the hardest thing to do and one is when waiting for your scheduled flight in the airport which will take up to two hours or more. Hammock sets come in handy so you can carry it inside your handbag so that it will be easier for you to get when you will need it. Tie it on poles where you are allowed to take a rest and take that much needed rest while waiting.

These are just some of the best uses of hammocks I have checked so far. If you are planning to buy a hammock set, you might want to check my next post on how to find for the best hammock in the market.


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