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Swimming Pool Safety Tips for your Backyard

Updated on February 19, 2014

In Ground Swimming Pool

This poster is available at Zazzle by this fine artist. Click on the source to purchase.
This poster is available at Zazzle by this fine artist. Click on the source to purchase. | Source

Precautions Around the Pool

It is always great fun experience to have a swimming pool in your backyard for you as well as your children, especially when you reside in a region where climate in hot. A kid loves it even more; it proves to be a source or great entertainment if they like to dip in water. But having a pool in your campus makes you more responsible to take care of the kids playing around the pool. Pool accidents are very unpredictable it happens abruptly without any warning. It is very important to take precaution while you or your kids are around the pool.

In-Ground Pool Alarm

Click on the source to find out more about this life saving swimming pool alarm.
Click on the source to find out more about this life saving swimming pool alarm. | Source

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Here are Few Swimming Pool Safety Tips which you can apply to avoid accidents:

· Install pool in backyard: It would be better if you install the pool in your backyard; it restricts easy access to the pool especially for kids. Pool in front gives high access so the accident rates are also higher.

· Use proper pool fencing: sometime it doesn’t matters if someone knows swimming accidents can happen to anyone. So use professionally fencing and make sure that it includes self-closing and self-latching gate.

· Turn off pool equipment while it’s in use: Always turn off the pool drainage or suction device while using the pool. You never know if the equipment becomes faulty while you are in pool, so it would be better to turn off all the equipment used in the pool while using the pool.

· Keep emergency tool near pool: Keep proper safety tools like a hook, life preserver, life rings etc… near the pool, so that you can use it quickly when necessary, although best option is to jump in pool to save kids if you are good swimmer.

· Learn performing CPR: It is important to know how to perform CPR, it is one of most important swimming pool safety tips.

Swim School Aqua Tot Trainer

Keep your toddler safe with this inflatable swim tube trainer. Fits ages 2 to 4. Click on the source to view more on Amazon.
Keep your toddler safe with this inflatable swim tube trainer. Fits ages 2 to 4. Click on the source to view more on Amazon. | Source

Swimming Pool with Children

What you should do for safety of your kids from pool:

What I have explained above is just basic swimming pool safety tips which every pool owner should learn. But if you have kids in your house you need to take even more precaution younger the kid more is the chances of accidents. I am explaining few more swimming pool safety tips especially for kids which can help you protecting your kids.

· Never leave your kid unattended: It has been seen that kids basically infants, newborns get drowned in the pool. It is known that that much of water attracts kids quickly, they go to the pool to play with the water and accident happens. So it would be better if you don’t leave your kid unattended ever if you have a pool in your compound.

· Keep surveillance while kids are near the pool: You should never allow kids to use swimming pool without any supervision.

· Teach him or her proper safety rules: How to use life guard/tube, and first-aid kit in case of emergency, better if you enroll the kid in swimming classes.

· Avoid placing toys near swimming pool: Keep the pool free from toys and all items which can draw attention of kids to the pool.

· Never use half covered pool: Covering is important, but only when the pool is not in use, while it is in use you should remove the cover completely.

Play it Safe First and Then Relax in the Pool


How to Avoid Injuries around the Pool

Till now we have discussed about the safety inside the pool, but still the area around the pool also needs proper care so that any accidents can be avoided.

· Never use slippery tiles around the swimming pool there is lots of water activity around the pool which increases the chance of slipping which and injure someone.

· Avoid using glass items around the swimming pool if it breaks it would be hard to clear every particle in such condition and someone might hurt.

· Keep area around pool clean and avoid taller trees or fence, keep it short so that it remains visible from inside the house. It helps monitoring the pool if kids are around the pool.

As I have wrote earlier accidents at swimming pools happens in no time without any warning, so each precaution you take help you avoiding such accidents. Follow the swimming pool safety tips explained above and you can prevent such bad happenings.·


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