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ACC Best Non Conference Matchups of 2015

Updated on September 16, 2015


The ACC has made strides in climbing up the ladder to be in the conversation of one of the top conferences in college football. They finished last season with a 45-21 mark in non conference games including the bowl games. Florida State has carried the banner ever since they entered the ACC back in 1991.The Seminoles ended the SEC streak of bcs titles and last year made it into the collgege football playoff. But other teams are emerging like Virginia Tech, who was only team to beat national champ Ohio State last year. Last mark the first time that the ACC went undefeated against the SEC in their annual rivalry games as Florida State beat Florida, Georgia Tech beat Georgia, Clemson took out South Carolina and Louisville stopped Kentucky. Although conference play is certainly important you must schedule some tough out conferences games as well especially nowadays with the college football playoff. This season the ACC will play the toughest non conference schedule than any other of the power 5 conferences. It will be interesting to see how they fair because they certainly will get it shot at being the top conference in college football. Here are my 25 top ACC out conference games for the 2015 season.

  1. 9/7/15 - Ohio State at Virginia Tech
  2. 9/26/15 - LSU at Syracuse
  3. 9/5/15 - Louisville vs Auburn (Atlanta)
  4. 9/19/15 - Georgia Tech at Notre Dame
  5. 11/28/15 - Clemson at South Carolina
  6. 11/28/15 - Georgia at Georgia Tech
  7. 9/5/15 - Virginai at UCLA
  8. 11/28/15 - Florida State at Florida
  9. 10/3/15 - Notre Dame at Clemson
  10. 9/19/15 - Nebraska at Miami(FL)
  11. 9/3/15 - North Carolina vs South Carolina (Charlotte)
  12. 11/28/15 - Louisville at Kentucky
  13. 9/25/15 - Boise State at Virginia
  14. 9/12/15 - Notre Dame at Virginia
  15. 11/7/15 - Notre Dame at Pittsburgh
  16. 11/21/15 - Boston College vs Notre Dame (Fenway)
  17. 9/19/15 - Pittsburgh at Iowa
  18. 9/19/15 - Northwestern at Duke
  19. 9/19/15 - Illinois at North Carolina
  20. 9/12/15- Houston at Louisville
  21. 11/14/15 - Wake Forest at Notre Dame
  22. 9/26/15 - Indiana at Wake Forest
  23. 9/19/15 - Virginia Tech at Purdue
  24. 9/26/15 - Virginia Tech at East Carolina
  25. 10/1/15 - Miami(FL) at Cincinnati


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    • Mike Nolan profile image

      Michael Nolan 2 years ago from Sarasota, FL

      Strength of schedule is so important for the playoff picture and a conference has to be smart about it. Playing against cupcake teams doesn't impress anyone. We're going to see a lot more of this year and I love it!