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Updated on March 12, 2010

The Los Angeles Lakers will at long last see the ultimate prize in 1972. 

But this came with it a lesson. 

In our last class, we discussed how John Hughes was the Baltimore Bullets.

Well this era's Lakers...were Corey Haim.


In the beginning, there was Corey Haim and Corey Feldman individually.

In the beginning, Haim and Feldman were each very similar to Hughes in terms of workmanship.

It all began in 1983 when the show Leave it to Beaver made a new edition, with Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow now grown up and with their own kids.

Mathers, if you remember is the Beaver, just split apart from his wife who he never meet.

He has 2 kids.

Kip...and Corey.

Corey Feldman.

This show never made it past the Joilet, Illinois-owned local station. 

About a year later, Feldman becomes a big child star when he appears in the film "Goonies" (1985), as the kid who carves a hole in the mouth of the painting of Mona Lisa just to put his tongue through it and joke around.

Not even two months later, Corey Haim would become the first Dakota Fanning -- a little child star your mom likes -- in the overly sentimental "Lucas" (1985).

Feldman would then be in "Stand by Me" as Teddy Duchamp and "Friday The 13th Part 4" and 5.

Put it all together, and you've got an achingly talented Jerry West in Corey Feldman...and a heartthrob who's letting his marketability go to waste because he isn't going anywhere in Corey Haimberlain. 

Corey Haim was hot stuff...but he needed elevation.

Corey Feldman was all elevation...but nobody but kids and crazy fucks like me wanted to go near it.

John Hughes had figured out how to gradually interweve the two, so that he starts out with good stuff and treats age like the marketability.

Well in this case, you had one guy with all the talent.....and another guy with all the marketability.

So like the NBA, and the Lakers, they would INTERTWINE.

The Coreys.

The Lost Boys.

License to Drive.

Dream a Little Dream.

These three films would set the Coreys for life. It seemed.

The problem was that you were dealing with a FAST ASS RIDE. 

Once they got to the mountain top, they were EXHAUSTED.

They wanted to get out of it as soon as they could.

As SOON as they could.

Elgin Baylor would NOT BE A PART OF the Lakers 1972 world championship. 


Isn't that messed up?

Adding insult to injury, it would be a BILL SHARMIN WHO COMES IN AS COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Celtics had to come in to teach the Lakers how to be champs...and they didn't have nearly the juice left.

Motherfuck who in the world has put more effort, given us more, night in and night out, then the Coreys and the West/Baylor Lakers?

But anyway, we saw how Auerbach's remnants changed the NBA.

Well now it was happening some more, as his Celtics were about to put remnants in the Lakers.

This was how very slowly Los Angeles would turn into Showtime.

It would take the next generation of Lakers JUST AS LONG to thoroughly master Auerbach's game plan -- seven years. 

In 1979, they've got this down.

And so Lakers vs. Celtics, is like you vs. your cousins. 

Jim McMillian, Happy Hairston and Gail Goodrich and Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain.

Pat Riley on the bench.

This team wins 33 in a row.

As the Celtics are remodeling, they have a replacement for Bill Russell who would be stoic -- Dave Cowens.

Cowens and Havlicek.

The playoffs featured many good players.

Atlanta and Baltimore are beat by Boston and New York, while the Bulls and Warriors are kicked by the Lakers and Warriors. No drama or nothing.

The world was all ready to see the big final four -- Boston, New York, Milwaukee, L.A.

Ratings, Kobe Bryant. Ra-TINGS!!!

The Bucks now with Iverson and Mutombo are the reigning incumbant and the team to beat.

They have 63 wins while the Lakers have 69, a record that stood until 1996. 

The Lakers lead 2-1 in Milwaukee. 

The Bucks take them to overtime in Game 4.

But the Lakers pull it out 116-111.

They win in six, and will play the Knicks in the finals.

New York in Game 1 in L.A. would pick up right where they left off.

It was their Dream a little Dream.

They would lose the next four games...drowning in the sea that is Los Angeles.

This Laker team had finally done it.

The Los Angeles Lakers were the 1972 NBA World Champions.

They were the Coreys...the weekend after "Dream a Little Dream" first started sinking at the box office...


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