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THE NBA'S JOHN HUGHES -- History of the NBA Finals Part 22

Updated on March 27, 2010

John Hughes made a lot of good movies, just as the Bullets franchise in the 70s would have lots of great moments.

Just like Hughes movies, they have a lineup of stars that is pretty mesmerizing.

But so were the bad parts similar too, and it would be illustrated during the 1971 season.

Since I've tried playing basketball and writing screenplays, I can see the similarities.

Hughes has never delivered a wholey satisfying cult film.

Hughes is in fact what happens you take a very very very very sensitive poet...and give him the opportunity to rub elbows with the big city cats.

Hughes gives the artists' canon to the archetypes of people who hate artists...meanwhile taking the artist...and making him a total boob.

There is something that Cameron Frye, Ducky, John Candy in National Lampoon AND Planes Trains and Automobiles, all these guys have in common.

None of them get the girl in the end.

None of them end up striking it rich or being self-sufficient enough for Steve Martin not to give him a place to crash.

They end up losers.

This is how John Hughes endeared himself to the system back when MTV was judging everybody on looks and package alone...meanwhile in John Hughes walks with sensitive tales of little ugly girls who just want to go to prom...

John Hughes' career is an ever present quest to find a formula that will be profitable enough to retire forever.


Hughes' work will gradually decline ever year for a film that is shittier but much much more marketable, something a producer would imagine would be sure to make more and more and more money.

He starts out with the script for the first National Lampoon's Vacation movie in 1983.

It's rated R, and very good.

Not very marketable.

Moving on.

He makes Sixteen Candles in 1984. Okay. An awesome, awesome movie.

But Hughes and Molly Ringwald did not strike any hot iron here...there was no demographic of girls that were swarming in to see either a first-timer they didn't know in Ringwald, nor the creator of what was essentially Animal House on the Road With Your Family.

So two great movies, not very marketable, but clearly Ringwald's presence and the PG rating would endear ALOT more people then Vacation.

This was the Bullets when they still had Earl Monroe.

They're on the rise and it's a skyrocket.

Breakfast Club.

National Lampoon's European Vacation.

Pretty in Pink.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Planes Tranes and Automobiles

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Uncle Buck

Okay, wow. What a great few years it's been.

One problem.

John Hughes is no more closer to retirement then the Bullets are to overcome the NBA's elite and grabbing that championship.

We've seen a

The best possible mix of young talent...and old wise product positioning.

Everything seems there...

Everything's for kids, it's all PG and PG-13 films good enough to be like the R-rated ones, even destroying them like Meatballs III and Porky's II, and everybody would like them, no matter if you're a boy, girl, man, woman. All the demographics, and they're all tremendous films.

But Hughes is still not at a point where he thinks he can still live like John Hughes.

And so the vehicles will continue getting shittier...but MUCH MORE MARKETABLE.

Home Alone.

Home Alone 2

Home Alone 3

Maid in Manhattan when Jennifer Lopez was JLo big.


Now they got Elvin Hayes the way Hughes has products that will never fucking stop making money.

You see these hints in the early 70s of the Bullets being title material, just like you can see evidence that Hughes was more then willing to sell out the writer's image to be one again --

Weird Science

Some Kind of Wonderful????!!!

Clearly John Hughes would end up getting injured in a brutal seven-game series defeat of the Knicks.

Meanwhile in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts would go and sign Oscar Robertson since it was clear that Alcindor had turned them into a contender.

He's going by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar now so we don't have confusion, for he will appear alot later on.

There would be no confusion when Kareem met Wilt in the Division Finals.

Mother of god did Kareem take it.

They won in five games. Wonderland had beaten...Wonderland.

But all Hughes could put up in the Finals was "Some Kind of Wonderful".

Alice swept John Hughes.

Awwwww you look great wearing my future awwwwwww (fart).

Go below to make some cash, baby.


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