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TLC 2014 Predictions.

Updated on December 14, 2014

The New Day vs. Goldust and Stardust.

When I heard that Big E, Kofi, and Xavier Woods were going to start a faction together, matching blue outfits was not what I had in mind. With all that talent, they could have been a serious faction that ran through the tag team division together.
Instead, it feels really corny and.. frankly... a little racist.
Am I the only one who feels that way? Like maybe Vince just... kinda...
The Dusts have been on a bit of a losing streak of late, so they don't have much to lose, and if you put them over a group of guys who have only ever competed for tag team and intercontinental titles... It doesn't make any sense.
I say the new guys get the win.

Winner- The New Day.

United States Championship. Rusev (C) vs. Jack Swagger.

Look! Look! Look!
A title match.
I haven't seen one of these in months!
Unfortunately, it's one that is basically meaningless.
Rusev is still undefeated, and they're not going to give that streak to someone like Jack Swagger unless Rusev fails a drug test or makes a comment about Hunter's nose.
I really enjoyed the first feud between these two and really thought he had a chance.
But it's looking more and more like they're going to feed Rusev to either Cena or the Rock at Wrestlemania.

Winner- Rusev.

Erick Rowan vs. The Big Show.

This feud was so sloppily put together
Big Show turned heel by knocking Cena out.
I mean, I'm grateful that they didn't subject us to another disgusting Cena/Show feud, but this was unfounded considering Rowan had already been eliminated.
Why didn't they have Team Authority knock Cena out before Rowan so that they could set this feud up properly?
If the Big Show knocked Rowan out or maybe the Authority had wonw, this rivalry would make sense because Rowan would have something to fight for.
Instead this feud makes about as much sense as Rowan having an IQ of 140 and being a master guitarist and an award-winning vintner.
I'm gonna go ahead and pick Rowan because this feud doesn't have enough heat to continue for months and Big Show has nothing to gain by winning.
Let's be real, they're desperately trying to make Rowan/Harper as hot as Rollins/Ambrose was and still is.. but it's not working.
Rollins and Ambrose had personalities in the Shield, they were characters.
Rowan and Harper were both just mysterious sidekicks and accessories to Bray and his Duck Dynasty voodoo.

Winner- Erick Rowan.

Ryback vs. Kane.

Poor Kane.
He never gets any credit, but literally the only thing he does for the WWE is put guys over.
I don't remember the last time that Kane beat anyone cleanly.
Was he still tag-teaming with the Undertaker?
Was Cena still part of the chain gang?
Was Ziggler a member of the spirit squad?!

It's been a while.
There's no way that they completely derail Goldber- I mean Ryback's momentum by letting him drop a match to Kane.

Winner- Ryback.

Tag Team Championship. Miz/Mizdow (C) vs. The Usos.

This feud has actually been fun to watch lately.
Despite his shortcomings as an in-ring wrestler, the Miz continues to absolutely nail his "hollywood" gimmick and you simply can't say enough about Mizdow.
What makes me really happy is that lately we've started seeing some personality from the Uso's. I actually really like the angle with Miz and Naomi. It's compelling, interesting, and it proves that Miz can handle a step.
This is one of the matches that I'm the least certain about. There isn't a lot of prestige with the belts and they can be dropped and picked up without skipping a beat.
I'll bet that Naomi comes out with the Usos and somehow ends up costing the Usos the match...
Or do frustrations finally boil over between the Miz and Mizdow and they drop it.
I'll take the Miz's because I don't think they're ready split that team up and the Naomi angle is fresher.

Winners- Miz/Mizdow.

Intercontinental Championship. Luke Harper (C) vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler is red hot.
He's been over for a long time, and after his huge win at Survivor Series, he deserves to have his title back at the very least.
This is the problem with having one major title.
Once you get momentum, there isn't a belt to reach for, only a fresh feud that the creative team thinks the WWE universe wants to see.
Once upon a time, this push would result in a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship push.
But now it doesn't matter if you beat the entire WWE, TNA, and NXT locker room with one arm tied behind your back, Vince wants Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar at WM 30 so that means a year and a half of waiting... Waiting... Waiting...
But Ziggler can't get that push. So he deserves a title in the meantime.

Winner- Dolph Ziggler.

Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose.

Two extreme wrestlers in an extremely extreme match where they test the endurance of their extremities!
I honestly don't know who's going to win this match. I'd like to see the Ascension interrupt and attack Dean Ambrose in the middle of a match.
That would be cool. Interrupting matches is an awesome way to debut. Just ask the Shield.
Uhhhh. Damn.
I'm really excited for this match. I just have no freaking clue who to pick.
I'm gonna say that if the Ascension doesn't debut, Dean pulls off a big win because between this feud and the one with Seth Rollins, Dean has lost/been DQ'd in almost every match.
He needs a definitive win for once.

Winner- Dean Ambrose.

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena.

What's that? We only have one hot heel left in the company?
Feed him to Cena.

This is usually where the championship match would be.
This is usually where Cena would either get screwed or overcome adversity to win.
But see, we need to make Cena look strong.
Cena has to look like he can beat anyone.
I mean he put Ziggler over at Survivor Series, so he needs to ruin the younger talent.
Next month, Cena gets to face Brock Lesnar.
And we have to make sure Cena finally puts Seth Rollins behind him so he can move on and attack the Beast Incarnate healthy.
Who cares if the younger talent gets over, it's not like buyrates are down and people would rather watch NXT than Raw.

Go ahead.

Winner- Cena.


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