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TLC 2015 Picks.

Updated on December 11, 2015

Every now and then, I give my predictions for upcoming pay per views.
Wait, something's wrong with my compu-

Hey! It's my good buddy, Conner Fleegle, you know, the guy I do my picks with!

Well, Conner is also an avid WWE fan, so much so in fact, that we've actually been to a Monday Night Raw together (We saw an amazing match between Cesaro and Cena).
Looks like he'll be doing his picks as well!

United States Championship Match.

Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio (c).

Ryan's Pick- Alberto Del Rio.

Why is this even a thing? Sure, these two are good enough workers to put on a solid match, but the buildup was lazy, there's not real payoff for either guy, and... it was over Zeb Coulter?
League of moving on with my life.

Fleegle's Pick- Alberto Del Rio.

Kinda shows you how much this has fallen off since they took the belt off of Cena when he went away. The whole Del Rio/Zeb Coulter angle was terrible, so if nothing else I'm glad that's gone. And as for Swagger? Christ, he hasn't been on TV, save for the last few weeks, in what, 7-8 months? This feels like a waste of a title match. Del Rio will wind up keeping the belt after Swagger almost gets a tap with the patriot lock, before Del Rio reverses into the cross arm breaker for the win.

Wrestlemania Rema- Hey... wait a second...

Rusev (with Lana) vs. Ryback (and the rest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Ryan's Pick- Rusev.

This feud is also stupid. It kinda feels like the first chunk of this pay per view is just building up this god awful stable.
You know what I just realized?
My friends and I always joke about making a stable of the guys that Cena has buried over the years...
Rusev? Check.
Barrett? Check.
Alberto Del Rio? US Title Match aside, check.
Sheamus? Check.
How about that.

Fleegle's Pick- Rusev.

Speaking of rushed feuds. It's like WWE said, "crap, we need a plain one-on-one match for the card. Uhhh....Ryback, you go bump Lana and we'll sell it for the PPV!" and this is what we get. What did this have, two weeks of buildup? Anyhow, neither one of these guys has exactly had positive momentum lately, especially Ryback since his unceremonious dropping of the Intercontinental belt to KO. And Rusev, he was HOT at the start of this year, but as we close 2015....not so much. As for this match, guaranteed that somehow Lana gets involved. I think she causes a distraction, Rusev super kicks Ryback, locks him in the accolade, and Rusev wins by tapout.

Traditional Survi- I mean... Elimination Tables Match.

Team Extreme vs. The Wyatt Family.

Ryan's Pick- The Wyatt Family.

It's a 4v4 "something's gotta give" match! Seriously, what the hell?
Originally, the Dudley Boys came back and they were red hot! Nostalgiamania was runnin' wild, brother!
And then they proceeded to lose basically every match they had.
At first, I was thinking that this would mean they would win because the Wyatt family has no problem putting people over.
But that's exactly why they have to win.
They need to beat... someone.
They spent half the year feuding with Roman and Ambrose and they ultimately lost.
Then they went on to job to the grandfathers of destruction.
They need a win moving forward, especially as Braun and Bray look to have impressive Rumble performances.

Fleegle's Pick- The Wyatt Family.

They just don't know how to book The Wyatt's, do they? Look, I love Bray to death, but feud after feud after feud, he always winds up losing it. The last time he came out on the positive side of a feud? He beat Ryback at Payback in Baltimore in May. Know what happened two weeks later at Money In The Bank? Ryback won the IC Title. Makes sense, right? And speaking of not knowing how to book, look at what WWE has done with the Dudleyz since they came back. It's been rather unceremonious, now to the point where we have to get Tommy Freakin Dreamer and Rhyno involved? Here's the thing: I think The Wyatt's win this match. And here's why: the WWE Universe already got their pop from this feud when Dreamer and Rhyno came back. But, Dreamer is not signed to a deal, and there's no place for Rhyno on the ,main roster, so he'll go back to NXT after Sunday. So, why should they win this feud? If The Wyatt's are going to have any future in this company, they have to start coming out on top in their feuds. And this Sunday sets up perfectly. Shock the Dudleyz and the WWE Universe by winning a match that is a Dudley specialty, and doing so against two guys who won't be around for Monday Night RAW. It's the perfect storm. The Wyatt Family wins this match.

Tag Team Championship Match.

The Usos vs. the Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day (c) in a TLC Match.

Ryan's Pick- The Uso's.

Just ugh.
I hate the Usos. They're vanilla babyfaces, and they're not even the most athletic group in the match.
Let's go ahead and rule out the Lucha Dragons. As much fun as they are to watch, there's no way Vince puts the strap on a team that can't speak English. So why the Usos?
Other than the nepotistic factor, Vince loves these dudes.
And here's the real reason why I think the Usos win.
Because the New Day are extremely over.
I call it the "Dolph Ziggler" theory.
When a guy is really, really over, they don't need to win or even carry a title, the fans will root for them anyway.
Of course, this might be one of the reasons why the ratings are so bad... but... I won't get into that.
However, that just how I think the McMorons think so.
Uso boring.

Fleegle's Pick- The NEW Day!

It's good to see the Lucha Dragons are getting better. It's good to see The Usos are back. It's too bad that they are up against the hottest thing WWE has going right now in The New Day. Sure, it took a while, but these guys are something, man. The chemistry, the personality, they match up perfectly. Now obviously this match Sunday will test how they are as champions, with the Lucha Dragons and The Usos both being high flyers. BUT.....Kofi Kingston is a high flier too, and he's on The New Day side! Look for Xavier Woods to get involved, because....well, lets be honest. I think this match is a great chance for WWE to solidify just how strong this stable is, which is why The New Day will retain the titles.....because.....NEW...DAY ROCKS!!!!! NEW...DAY ROCKS!!!!!

Diva's Championship Match.

Paige vs. Charlotte (c).

Ryan's Pick- Charlotte.

It's just too soon to take the belt off of Charlotte, and way too soon to put it on Paige.
Especially since... well... Paige is technically still heel.
A heel vs. heel match?
They'll probably keep the belt on Charlotte until Mania.
For now, Charlotte wins, probably by cheating, fulling turning heel.
In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Paige turns face.
The elusive double turn!

Fleegle's Pick- Charlotte.

Oh god, how badly I would love to see Paige win this match. She took over ole AJ Lee's spot as that crazy diva in the division after AJ was gone. She had to sit back and watch the company darling Nikki Bella be champ for 300+ days to stick it to AJ and because Cena was se.....nevermind, I'll stop. And now, we've got another company darling in Charlotte. Ahhh yes, the daughter of Ric Flair. The golden girl. As much as I would love to see Paige win this one, I don't think the belt is coming off Charlotte any time soon, until either Nikki gets back, or......which is what I'm hoping.....they give Sasha her crack at it. As for Sunday, look for Paige to dominate the action, until Charlotte hits her with a spear and hits the Figure 8 for the win.
BONUS PICK: look for Becky Lynch to somehow be involved in the decision.

Intercontinental Championship Match.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens (c).

Ryan's Pick- Dean Ambrose.

Remember back during the Summer, when Rollins and Ambrose were in the middle of a great feud and he was incredibly over? Everyone in the world wanted Ambrose to become Mr. Money in the Bank, myself included. What did the WWE do? They put him in a championship match with Rollins. Now, while it was great, it was pretty obvious that they just wanted an excuse to keep him away from the briefcase. The same is true here. They don't want him anywhere near the championship, so they'll give him the belt in what ultimately, might end up being the best match of the night.

Fleegle's Pick- Kevin Owens.

This has been a great feud for both of these guys. Ambrose seemed to be getting lost in the shuffle a little bit, and KO needed a title opponent who would make his character look stronger in a feud, because lets be honest, Ryback wasn't that guy. I still think it's too early for Ambrose to have a singles strap. He doesn't quite have "it" like a Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns does. Besides, KO is a Triple H guy, so I think he's going to keep the belt on him for a while. KO reverses an Ambrose dirty deeds attempt, whips him off the ropes, lands a Pop Up Powerbomb, and keeps his title.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus (c) in a TLC Match.

Ryan's Pick- Sheamus.

Look, the change is coming, but not quite yet.
You'd absolutely ruin all of Sheamus' momentum moving forward if you took the strap off of him now.
But you've gotta look forward.
This is the last pay per view before the "Road to Wrestlemania" begins, and unfortunately, there aren't enough main event heels to carry the show.
There's Sheamus and...
Who else?
Kevin Owens? Mid-carder.
The New Day? YES PLEASE, but no way.
There will be a "triumphant" moment when Reigns finally wins gold... but it probably won't be until the Royal Rumble.

Fleegle's Pick- Sheamus.

The main event of the evening! WE all got teased at Survivor Series when Reigns looked to win the gold.....only to have Sheamus steal it after only...wait for it....5 minutes and 15 seconds, fella! So now, we get the rematch. Roman chasing the belt allllll year long, his last chance in this calendar year to make it happen (but don't worry, he'll get another crack at the Royal Rumble, I'm sure). Look, it's simple: the WWE didn't have Sheamus cash in his Money In The Bank contract to lose the belt after only a month. And The Authority needed a bad guy to hold the belt like Rollins was until he got hurt, and they made the decision to keep Roman as the babyface chasing the title, so this is what we get, Sheamus as "the man" for now. Unfortunately, that won't be changing this Sunday. Sheamus will win this match and keep the title as 2015 draws to a close.


Fleegle says...
BONUS PICK: even though steel chairs will be involved, nobody will be hit in the head with one during this event, because unfortunately, it's not TV-14 anymore. In which case, chairs are pretty much pointless at this event. Nonetheless, 2015 has been quite the year.
MATCH OF THE NIGHT: The tag team triple threat match. That thing has show stealer all over it.
BATHROOM BREAK MATCH: Swagger/Del Rio. I'm as excited for that title match as I am about spending money I don't have on Christmas presents.

I say, at the end of the night, it becomes oddly apparent that Roman is the only one in his stable without a championship.
He looks around, sees that Ambrose is the IC champ, the Usos are tag team champs, and he... he's stuck defeated at the bottom of a ladder while the League of Nations celebrate.
It's a TLC match, meaning it's no DQ...
What if Ambrose turns heel?
What if Ambrose feels validated by finally winning a belt on his own, and he gets sick of seeing Reigns get title shot after title shot after title shot, and decides to screw Roman.
Imagine this, there's anarchy in the ring, the Usos go over the top rope and take out the rest of the league of Nations. For some reason, Ambrose was knocked out outside of the ring, and as Roman is setting up a spear, Ambrose climbs in, hits him with the dirty deeds, and stands over his body as Sheamus climbs the ladder.
How awesome would that be?
Too awesome.
Not gonna happen.
I can dream.

And here's my friend Jesse with all my favorites... and Byron Saxton.


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