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Tantalizing Inspiration For Figure Skaters - Jayson Sutcliffe Video

Updated on August 16, 2013
An example of an inline artistic skate. This is increasingly becoming a popular option for off-ice training or exclusive off ice use.
An example of an inline artistic skate. This is increasingly becoming a popular option for off-ice training or exclusive off ice use. | Source

There are many things that give figure skaters inspiration. Personally, whenever I'm watching other skaters whether in person or on video, I'd rather actually be skating. Nothing against the skater, most definitely. But there is simply something in me that makes me crave getting out there myself. Seeing it is somewhat of a pleasant torture for me, causing me to become anxious to skate.

Yet, there is much that can be learned simply by observing and when I cannot skate, I certainly observe. In fact, this is how I learned to do an axel on roller skates, by observing and imitating ice figure skaters I saw on t.v. long before putting on ice skates. Doing so drew the ire and aggression of skaters that had to pay for lessons for months or years to learn what they assumed came easy to me. I did so out of extreme love for skating and due to necessity seeing as how at that time I could only roller skate on weekends and had to make every attempt count. Little did they know I had skating on my brain 24/7. So, while they were gossiping and planning dates or going shopping, I was watching, observing, tweaking techniques and anxious for my next skate if not actually roller skating in the house. Sorry dad, you knew me well but never caught me in the act.

Due to my personal experience with figure skating on both quads/roller and ice, I've known there were other skaters mastering difficult jumps and spins on different types of skates and have been lucky to meet a few over the years. While recently looking up details about how Pic (inline artistic) skates may be used for off-ice training and contemplating making the leap, I came across an awesome video that I'd somehow not seen previously and wanted to share it with fellow die-hard figure skaters and figure skating fans who I'm sure will appreciate it.

Few figure skaters and fans can look at the video of Jayson Sutcliffe below and not be excited or happy to see someone performing triple jumps on three different types of skates that require slightly different techniques. Among the most extreme of multi-skate skaters is the Australian figure skater with ownership (in more ways than one :) of three types of skates and four world titles spanning an inspiring twenty year career. Jayson Sutcliffe has been likened to Johny Weir for his elaborate costumes and in his style but in my humble opinion each is truly unique as both individuals and athletes. I enjoy them both but for different reasons. Look at how well Jayson's dedication and hard work beautifully shows in the video below. He truly is inspiring. Watch, replay, share, and last but not least, skate!

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In A Word...Awesome

Rolaboi - Renegade Skater
Rolaboi - Renegade Skater

A good read for those interested in learning what this spirited four time World Champion learned, created, sacrificed, and gained in his skating career.



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    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 5 years ago from East Coast

      Thanks SidKemp.

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 5 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      Nice. I especially like what you said about learning through passion rather than through long training.