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Updated on March 19, 2019
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James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and author of four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow was the quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. The quarterback is the leader of the team—sometimes called the Field General. Tebow, as 24-years-old, was in his second season as a professional player. He weighed 250 lbs. and was considered the strongest athlete to ever play his position.

The Denver Broncos had not posted a winning record in any season since 2006. In 2010, they lost 12 of 16 games. When the Broncos lost 4 of their first 5 in 2011, they brought Tim Tebow off the bench and named him their starting quarterback. Immediately, Denver won 7 of 8 games, including six in row—many in miraculous fashion.

By all accounts, Tim Tebow is described by his friends—as well as by his past coaches and teammates—as a humble, considerate, sincere, earnest, calm, clean, decent, nice, grateful man. Tebow is considered a hard worker and a terrific teammate who displays excellent sportsmanship and a joyful demeanor. He is a natural leader who motivates the men around him to exceed what is expected of them.

Tim Tebow is also the most hated professional athlete today. Because he loves Jesus and honors God.


Tim Tebow Bio

Tim Tebow was born in the Philippines, where his parents were working as Baptist Missionaries. While Tim was still in his mother's womb, a pathogenic amoeba infected Mrs. Tebow that could have proved fatal to them both. The drugs that doctors used to combat the infection caused his mother's placenta to separate from her uterus.

The situation was so dire that the physicians held out little hope that baby Tim would survive. In fact, they told Mrs. Tebow that she should have an abortion to save her own life, which they deemed to be in peril. Being a strong Christian, she naturally refused to kill baby Tim, and instead turned to prayer—asking God to spare her baby.

Tim Tebow was born healthy, becoming the youngest of five children, and his mother was just fine as well. The family moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where Mrs. Tebow homeschooled her children while instilling in them a Christian worldview and Christian values.

Tim Tebow went on to play high school football. He gained a reputation as an extraordinarily competitive and courageous boy. He once played a half a game with a broken fibula—and even ran 29 yards on it for a touchdown.

As a Junior—and again as a Senior—he was voted the best high school football player in the State of Florida. He led his team to the State Championship. Later, some other states passed laws to allow homeschooled youth to play high school sports—called 'The Tim Tebow Bill.'


Tim Tebow: Florida Gators

Tim Tebow was widely recruited to play college football on scholarship. He chose the University of Florida—where his parents met decades before. Tebow would become the first player in history to be named by his teammates of the Florida "Gators" as the Most Valuable Player of their team for three consecutive years.

Tim Tebow played a significant role as a Freshman reserve when the Florida Gators won the National Championship in 2006. On his first college play, he ran for a touchdown.

Before the next season began, Tebow was named the starting quarterback. Critics said, "Sure he can run, but he can't pass!" His first game he passed for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns, completing 13 of 17 pass attempts. By the end of that year, he was rated the 2nd best passer in the nation.

In 2007, Tim Tebow became the first college football player ever to both run and pass for more than 20 touchdowns. He ran for 23 and passed for 32—more than 87 other teams in college football's highest division. And he played half a game with a broken hand.

For this spectacular performance that season, Tebow won college football's highest honor—the Heisman Trophy (for best individual player). He is the only Sophomore in history to win this award.

Before the next season began, Tim Tebow became the first player ever to ask to be removed from the Playboy Magazine All-American football team—because he objected to the 'Playboy Lifestyle.'

A big brouhaha was made in the press when Tebow revealed he is still a virgin who does not believe in sex before marriage. That year, he directed the Florida Gators to an upset victory in the National Championship Game despite another broken hand and an injured shoulder that later required surgery.

In 2008 and 2009—under the leadership of Tim Tebow—the Florida Gators were only defeated twice in 28 games. As his college career ended, Tebow had posted the 2nd best Passing Efficiency Rating of all quarterbacks who had ever played the game—a game that goes back to 1869. He also had run for the 10th most touchdowns in college football history—an incredible feat considering running is not the primary job of a quarterback.

Tim Tebow spent his summers working as a missionary at orphanages in the Philippines. He also became known as the player who put Scriptures in his black eye paint. In one big game, he etched John 3:16 into his eye paint and it was clearly seen when television cameras showed him in close-ups.

That afternoon, 92 million people searched Google for John 3:16. After he left college, the powers that be banned messages in eye paint, known as 'The Tebow Rule.'


Tim Tebow: Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow was a first round draft choice by the Denver Broncos. He had many doubters who didn't think he could make it in professional football—despite the fact that he is widely considered the best college football player who ever played the game. The Broncos thought differently. The owners of the Denver team considered Tebow "a tough, smart man with great character who loves football."

Replicas of Tim Tebow's Denver Broncos jersey were the best-sellers of the entire NFL.

When his team scores a touchdown, Tebow bows on one knee to give thanks to God. This became known as 'Tebowing' and went viral over the internet. Millions of people do it sincerely, but many also do it mockingly. Tebowing has in recent weeks been recognized as an official new word of the English Language.

Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos from behind quite late in four games when the odds seemed insurmountable—in one game when down by 15 points with 3 minutes to play. He seems to inspire his team to do the impossible. NFL fans, players, and insiders have never seen anything like it. It appears to be . . . supernatural.


Tim Tebow: The Most Hated Man in Sports

It seems to me that maybe 20 years ago Tim Tebow would have been unanimously loved as a wonderful role model for America's youth. But Cultural Marxism has sunk its tentacles deep into American Culture. I had heard that Tebow was a reviled figure by many Americans so I spent an afternoon looking at various websites you can find by searching for "I Hate Tim Tebow," including one with that very title.

Now of all the professional athletes today one could find objectionable, especially in the NFL or NBA, the one most hated is not, as we might expect, any of the plethora of trash-talking, foul-mouthed, violent abusers of women, children and animals who fathers illegitimate children all over the land. It is Tim Tebow. One famous comedian went on record that he would like to kill him.

The irrational hatred, the vile vitriol, the vicious meanness, and the hostile ridicule directed at Tim Tebow is enormous. I found websites full of people who openly desire that he lose his games, that he is seriously injured, even that he should die. Tim Tebow is aware of all this but turns the other cheek.

Apparently the byword of the Left, 'Tolerance,' does not extend to those who openly love Jesus and honor God. Anti-Christian bigotry is no longer hiding in the shadows folks. What if Tebow was a Muslim or a Jew? Do you think fans and other players would openly mock his beliefs?

Here is a man who spends his spare time visiting schools, hospitals, and prisons. And millions of people openly root for him to fail. Most of all, they hope he will fail morally so they can brand him a hypocrite. One writer said, "Tim Tebow draws more critics that would a blind knife-throwing exhibit at a hemophiliac convention." Another said that if the Denver Broncos win the NFL Championship—in the Super Bowl—"Burning Mosques, bashing gays, and hating immigrants will become common."

Here is the cultural divide in America laid bare. When a celebrity 'comes out' that he enjoys making love to another man's exit hole for human feces, he is hailed in the media as a 'courageous' hero and his behavior is glorified with being named the Grand Marshall of some parade.

When a successful man 'comes out' that he loves Jesus and honors God, he is told he ought to keep that to himself. Or else.


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