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Tent Heater - Stay Warm When Camping In A Small Space

Updated on March 12, 2011

Electric Heater

courtesy of chromalux
courtesy of chromalux

Getting Cold At Night On Camping Trips

If you have ever been camping, then chances are you know exactly how cold it tends to get at night. This is especially true if you have ever gone camping in the winter. You can try a nice warm sleeping bag, or you can try sleeping in all of your clothes, including your shoes. Chances are though you've found that even those preventative measures have not proven adequate against the ruthless bit of mother nature. You can also try starting a fire in the morning, but chances are your teeth are chattering and you don't really want to get up to leave your tent. There's no shame in that, it happens to every camper at some point or another. One solution to this problem is a tent heater.

What is a Tent Heater?

A tent heater is precisely what it sounds like. It is a heater that is small enough for use in your tent. It usually is quite self contained and will run on a couple of D batteries. There are multiple companies that are selling these devices, so chances are you are going to be able to find one rather easily.

Mountain Camping?

courtesy of mckaysavage
courtesy of mckaysavage

The Main Problem

Before these tent heaters became commonplace on the camping scene it was very hard to heat up your campsite at night. If the weather proved to be too cold, then one was excepted to simply rough it out by curling up in their sleeping bag. There are a few other solutions at the time however.

If one was lucky enough to be at a campsite that had electricity, then one could technically take advantage of a space heater. This is okay except for one little problem; space heaters are meant to heat a large area, such as an entire room. They are not meant to heat a tent, and chances are there is little variation in the controls of any space heater. If you use one of these then you risk burning down your tent and everything in it. Chance are, you are what's in your tent so that's probably a chance that you do not want to take. Naturally the other issues has to do with electricity or lack thereof. If you are at a campsite that has no electricity, then keeping yourself and your family in good spirits is very important.

Keeping Cozy?

courtesy of iwon_kellie
courtesy of iwon_kellie

Enjoying Your Trip While Keeping Warm

Small tent heaters are a great solution for this. These used to be a lot larger and out of the hands of the public, but as of late they have become adequately sized for any person to use at their whim. They are made to heat the small space of a tent so you won't have to worry about your tent burning down in the middle of the night unless someone does it from the outside. Generally this type of heater works on batteries so you will not have to worry about plugging it in or recharging it unless you opt to use rechargeable batteries. All in all, a tent heater is a great way to better enjoy those mid-winter camping trips, and to stay warm in general!


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