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The Top 10 Dribblers In The Barclays Premier League

Updated on April 25, 2014

Ahhh The Beautiful Art of Dribbling

This is a list of the top 10 dribblers in the Barclays Premier League in England. This list was hard to make, as the more I contemplated, the more deserving guys popped in my head. Alas I had to choose the 10 best in my opinion. I will watch a game if one of these players is on television just to witness them play the beautiful game. There isn't much that I appreciate more in a match than a brilliant mazy run through seemingly helpless defenders.

10. Samir Nasri

Nasri has been great this season. During almost every game, he makes a crucial dribble to create a chance. He has excellent ball control and has been dazzling fans for several years now with his deceptive moves. It amazes me how calm and cool he is in the box while dribbling. He isn't the fastest player but he makes up for that by being a smart dribbler.

9. Raheem Sterling

Sterling is arguably the best young player in the Premier League this season and it is primarily due to his extraordinary quickness and dribbling ability. He can beat defenders with ease at times. Last season he got bodied off of the ball a lot. This season he still does, but he has gotten stronger and smarter which has transformed in into a great player. If his finishing and crossing get better he could become one of the elite players in the world. Did I mention he is only 19? The sky is the limit for this pacy little fella.

8. Santi Cazorla

It was hard to choose between Cazorla and Ozil, because Ozil is one of my favorite players to watch play. However, after contemplation and some film review I have to go with Cazorla as the better dribbler. Cazorla is ambidextrous and I think that helps a lot with his dribbling. He is probably the slowest player on this list but he arguably has the best ball control on the list, which makes up for his lack of speed. Cazorla really is an underrated player.

7. Ross Barkley

Ross Barkley is considered by many to be the best overall young English player. He can beat a player and he is large, strong and fast. The knock on him is that his finishing needs to improve and his ability to provide those great through balls that you need from a number 10 midfielder. It will be interesting to see if he develops into an all time great. One of thing is for sure, the young man can dribble.

6. Hatem Ben Arfa

The French International can dribble his ass off. Hes constantly making plays and is often the only attacking spark for Newcastle United. Ben Arfa can created some highlight goals often from his fearless dribbles at defenders. There is rumor that he will be leaving the Barclays Premier League after this season, which is a shame because he is one of the most exciting players to watch.

5. Phillipe Coutinho

I'll admit, I am a Liverpool fan, but Coutinho is not in my top 5 just because I am a fan. He is a fantastic player with great vision and dribbling. Coutinho brings that much needed Brazilian flare to this Liverpool side. His ability to deceptively beat players, and his creative ways to get past a player are a joy to watch. Coutinho is the player in the red in the picture to the right.

4. Sergio Aguero

Sergio is built like the perfect dribbler. He is short, stocky, strong, and as quick as lightning. Not only does he beat defenders but he can finish as well. He has been one of the top players in the Barclays Premier League over the past few years because of his abilities. I love when he takes on big strong players that try to bully him and he just hunkers down, and beats them.

3. Andros Townsend

Townsend has really come on this season for Tottenham. He is the purest dribbler on this list, and by that I mean his main purpose for being on the field and by far his greatest attribute, is his dribbling. He is lighting quick and has been terrifying defenders all season.

2. Luis Suarez

There is so much you can say about Suarez. He is one of the top 3 players in the world right now for me alongside Ronaldo and Messi. His ball control and dribbling are elite, but what really separates Luis is his confidence on the field as well as his finishing. He really is a complete player.

1. Eden Hazard

Hazard is simply the best dribbler in the Barclays Premier League for me. He has been amazing this year and beats defenders with as much ease as any player in the world. He has great pace, quickness and ball control and is also a very creative player. Watching Eden play is pure joy. I always try to watch a Chelsea game if it is on TV, primarily because of his dazzling play.


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    • Evan Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Evan Martin 

      4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Yea he isn't the best player, but he's a great dribbler, which is what the list is about.

    • profile image

      Bill Gardner 

      4 years ago

      Townsend????????? Are you joking? He rarely plays and does nothing when on the pitch are you related to him mate?


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