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The 2015 Superbowl- An overview.

Updated on February 3, 2015

A great spectacle in sports history?

Fireworks indeed.
Fireworks indeed.

A great game with a crazy finale.

I loved the battles on both sides of the ball in this classic. I picked the Patriots, but was nervous when it was obvious that Russell Wilson was going to be given all of the time in the world to pass. I thought that Seattle was going to take advantage of that and win back to back Superbowls. They almost did and should have!

Even though I am not at all a fan of Missy or Kate Perry, I thought that the half time show was put together very well. I am among those who thought that we should have seen more Lenny, but over all it was better than many I can remember.

Some of the commercials were fun this year too.

The Super Blunder?

I know many disagreed with me when I first said this, but now many are jumping on the band wagon. I said it as it happened and say it again now; I have no idea how Pete Carroll can explain or justify the final decision on offense by the Seattle Sea hawks! No, I do not care that Marshawn Lynch was only 1 for 5 all season when taking a hand off at the other team's one yard line. When your bread and butter on offense is averaging over 4 yards per carry in that game, you go back to him. Especially if you have a time out and 3 plays left. I understand wanting to kill the clock with a pass, but in that circumstance!

Even if the offensives powers did not want to give it to Lynch on 2nd down, they should have done a quarterback draw or passed it to a back corner of the end zone. What they chose to do was exactly what Coach Belichick wanted them to do. As a Syracuse Native I can say that is what S.U. coaches do, not Pete Carrol.

The Sea hawks were just given and miracle and a gift in a wild catch around the five yard line. You can not squander those with a bad play call.

No one should criticize this move to the point that any thing is taken away from Patriot Malcolm Butler however.

So go ahead all of you arm chair bloggers. Call me a Monday morning Q.B. I leave you with this thought. If lynch or the Russell tried to run it into the end zone and fumbled it, I would definitely still say that the coaches made the right call. Always put the ball and your fate,in your stars' hands.


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