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The Aqua Caddy Improves Your Golf Swing

Updated on December 10, 2010

What Is An Aqua Caddy?

For those not in the know, An Aqua Caddy is an all in one cleaning device for cleaning your golf clubs, it cleans the grooves of your golf clubs after each swing or shot taken on the golf course and it most certainly will help your golf swing in the process of having one on your golf caddy.

The Aqua Caddy can be attached to your golf caddy and is easy to use, in fact they even claim to prolong the years of your golf clubs by preventing rust and the pitting of your clubs.

It seems like the ideal solution if you are an avid golfer who hopes to turn pro in the near future.

The lid of the Aqua Caddy is surrounded by brushes and retains water in the bag portion of the Caddy and has been tested and proven to clean your golf clubs, irons, woods and even Hybrid metal heads.

This is an endorsed and patented golf product that is designed to be a worthy golfing accessory that has the added benefit of being a portable cleaning device for better golfing whilst also maintaining your golfing equipment in the process.

I suppose the idea behind it is to reduce the need for carrying a wet towel with you to clean your golf clubs, by having a device that fits onto your existing caddy you can clean your golf club after each swing or shot.

By filling the bag portion of the aqua caddy, usually up to 6oz of water, so long as you do not over fill the bag it won't spill out.

The Aqua Caddy is one of them gadgets that is of a simple design, I liken the inner brush part to the bottom of a vacuum cleaner with the way the bristles point inwards.

Aqua Caddy

The Aqua Caddy
The Aqua Caddy

Brush Part Of The Aqua Caddy

The actual part that cleans your club heads.
The actual part that cleans your club heads.

Is The Aqua Caddy Improving Your Golf Swing?

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