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The Best Bait Buckets for Keeping Your Baits Fresh

Updated on December 24, 2010

Bait buckets are some of the most important fishing equipment which no fisherman can’t do without. That’s because bait buckets help in keeping fishing baits in good shape. After all, even fishes won’t come swimming like mad for a rotten piece of food. If you want to keep your baits looking tasty for your targets, you’ve got to keep them well in a bait bucket.

A good bait bucket is one that has insulation which provides protection form extreme temperatures so your baits don’t freeze or die of heat. Aside from that they are also sturdily built with hard materials that will resist abrasions, dents and punctures so water does not accidentally leak out. You may pick those made of aluminum or those made of hard plastic. Both are lightweight and easy to clean, but each also has its own edge when it comes to different situations. Aluminum may be considered the tougher among the two, but plastic is the better one when it comes to fishing in extreme temperatures. You should also check the handle and see if it’s made of good and strong material and if it’s attached well to the bucket. This way you won’t have to go through situations in which you accidentally drop your bait bucket and spill the water or all of your baits out.

Finally, pick the right size that will accommodate your baits as well as put less mass and weight on your hands. After carefully choosing your fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing lines and other fishing items through hundreds of options in the market, don’t settle for something of inferior quality for your baits; here are some of the best bait buckets you get.

Plano 8-Quart Bait Bucket
Plano 8-Quart Bait Bucket

Plano 8-Quart Bait Bucket

If you go and ask fishermen who have had a lot of experience dealing with various brands of storage systems for fishing items, you’ll learn that the name of this product alone is enough to assure you of cutting-edge quality. This bait bucket has a capacity for 8 quarts and features a foam liner to give your baits protection from extreme temperatures and shock. Aside from that, it also has a hole and a clip for installing an aerator hose. You can use this in any weather. During those times when the ambient temperature is just right, you can remove the insulation and use it as it is. It has a nice and sturdy handle and it’s lightweight too so this should not give you any problem when it comes to transportation.

Min-02-Life Personal Bait Station
Min-02-Life Personal Bait Station

Min-02-Life Personal Bait Station

This one has a rectangular structure which gives it more stability and makes it less likely to be knocked over accidentally. It’s made of hard and high-quality material that won’t be scratched, dented or broken just easily. In addition to that, it has a tough foam liner inside which gives your baits good installation during summer or winter fishing trips. This one has the capacity for holding up to 8 quarts. The liner is also removable in case you’re going fishing on a fair day where the temperature is just ideal. This one has a secure latch too to keep your baits safe and a nice and comfortable handle that makes handling and transportation easier. And what’s more is that you don’t need to get an aerator hose because this bait storage gives you one along with a pump that operates smoothly and quietly.

Turbo Troll 8 Quart Minnow Bucket
Turbo Troll 8 Quart Minnow Bucket

Turbo Troll 8 Quart Minnow Bucket

Here’s another that holds up to 8 quarts of water which is the usual amount carried by lots of fishermen, especially those going freshwater fishing. This one is made of very durable plastic that’s tough enough to last you a long time under the sun and best when trolling while on your pontoon boat in big lakes and rivers. It has a door that you can set to stay open while fishing so you don’t have to open and close it while removing or putting in baits. It’s also specially designed and weighted to float even with contents so you don’t lose it in case of any accidents. This one will surely add a lot of convenience to your fishing trip so be sure to have one with you when going out to catch the big ones.

Frabill Min-O-Life Bucket
Frabill Min-O-Life Bucket

Frabill® Min-O-Life Bucket

Keep your baits fresher longer with this sophisticated bait bucket that includes a system that runs on D batteries for up to 80 hours and produces oxygen in high amounts for your baits. This bucket is made of high quality material that will provide reliable protection for your baits. It also has a foam liner inside to insulate the bucket and spare your baits from freezing and scorching temperatures. This one comes with a lid too that attaches securely. At the side are clips for installing the aerator unit. With this bucket, you get a diaphragm drive air pump that operates silently and an air stone that makes lots of bubbles of oxygen. The bucket is good for containing 8 quarts of water. This one bucket you’ll be happy to have if you’re someone who tends to spend long hours fishing.

Quick Minnow
Quick Minnow

Quick Minnow

This new innovation from Kuhl Products, Inc. allows you to easily store in your baits and get them without removing the lid or wetting your hands. It’s a blue transparent storage system that allows you to see your baits inside and keep track of the water level. It features a screw-on lid that keeps water from leaking and when putting in your baits, all you have to do is unscrew it. Now for the interesting part, this bait storage item has a lid that features a small cap located just before a trapping feature in the storage that catches bait each time you tip it down and up. To retrieve it, all you have to do is open the cap and tap. Now, that’s an easy and time-saving way to get your baits. This one is good for storing leeches, shrimp and crayfish as well.


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