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The Best Fishing Gloves for Optimal Comfort and Protection

Updated on December 21, 2010

Fishing is among those hobbies where you need your hands to feel what you’re doing and at the same time you also need protection for them. If you’re torn by the dilemma of whether to use fishing gloves or not, that’s probably because you have more feeling and flexibility with your bare hands and yet you get sores or blisters by exposing them to friction and using them without any protection. However, deciding on whether to go gloveless or not shouldn’t be a tough decision anymore with some really great options in the market. As long as you choose the best ones, you can have the edge of going gloveless without having to compromise your hands’ protection.

So first, why do you need gloves for fishing? That’s because as your hands grip your fishing rod or the handle of your fishing reel, they can be subjected to friction against the material that can cause blisters and calluses to form. Aside from that, substances such as saltwater, the sun and many other things can leave your skin dry and do a lot more damage. Then you’ll also be handling tools from which you will need protection too like hooks, fishing lines and other tools. Then don’t forget that you’ll be handling hard finned fishes, of course.

Fishing gloves can be very useful in that it prevents painful injuries to your hands which can hinder you from enjoying the most of your time fishing as you go, so here are some tips you can keep in mind when choosing a pair of gloves for fishing. When it comes to the material, some great choices are neoprene and Kevlar as these effectively shield your hands from friction and harmful objects while allowing you to stretch and move your fingers freely. To identify to you specifically the best brands, here are some great affordable pairs to give you the best comfort and protection.

Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove
Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove

Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove

Fishing is one activity that many people can do anytime and anywhere as long as there is water and there are fish in it regardless of the weather. So if you’re one to go ice fishing during the winter, you’re surely going to use the extra comfort and protection this pair of fishing gloves offers you. Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Gloves are made of scratch-resistant neoprene that allows you to move your fingers easily and comfortably. It also features fleece linings to keep your hands warm during the icy season. The linings are also effective in wicking away sweat so your hands stay dry and warmer longer. With these, you can get protection from the cold weather as well as from sharp tools like knives and hooks. You can get pairs of these in extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and XX large.

Glacier Glove Windproof Fleece Fingerless Glove
Glacier Glove Windproof Fleece Fingerless Glove

Glacier Glove Windproof Fleece Fingerless Glove

If you’re going out to fish in places where the wind blows harder, here’s a pair of gloves that will protect your hands from the weather. Because the wind can dry the skin and because dry skin is more prone to damages, you’ll need the Glacier Glove Windproof Fleece Fingerless Gloves. These gloves are made of weatherproof fleece that’s also effective at keeping your hands dry and warm by thoroughly absorbing moisture. The material also provides excellent cushion for your hands and, in turn, excellent protection from blisters and calluses. Aside from the comfort and protection, this pair of gloves also gives you better performance when it comes to fishing by giving you polyurethane patches which gives you better grip. You can get pairs of these gloves in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Rapala Fillet Glove (Large)
Rapala Fillet Glove (Large)

Rapala Fillet Glove (Large)

Here’s another top-of-the-line pair of fishing gloves that guarantees complete protection from the weather. It’s made of a combination of organic and synthetic fibers with stainless steel that gives the best protection against different temperatures, wind, moisture, friction and sharp objects. It also allows for ample dexterity so you can easily move your hands and feel what you’re doing. One great thing about these gloves is that they can actually stop sharp objects such as knives during those times when you need to use your fillet knife or handle fish with sharp fins, gills and teeth. With these, you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself. These gloves are available in other different sizes so you can choose a pair that best fits you to provide the best convenience and protection.

Lindy Little Joe Fish Handling Glove
Lindy Little Joe Fish Handling Glove

Lindy Little Joe® Fish Handling Glove

Fishing may be more dangerous than it seems and experienced anglers can testify to that. You can cut yourself from using fillet knives and from sharp fish parts like their gills, fins and teeth if you’re not careful. One thing that can give your hands protection when catching and cleaning fish is a good pair of gloves like this one. Lindy Little Joe Fish Handling Gloves are made of material called SuperFabric that’s guaranteed to provide 800% more protection compared with other fishing gloves that claim to be cut-resistant. Aside from sharp objects, these gloves can also protect you from strong sunlight and gas because the material it’s made of is also resistant to UV rays and harmful chemicals. These gloves are not prone to harbor nasty odors too so they’re also more convenient to bring along. You can get these gloves in either medium or large sizes.

Weston KevlarR Cut-Resistant Gloves - Yellow/ Blue (Large)
Weston KevlarR Cut-Resistant Gloves - Yellow/ Blue (Large)

Weston KevlarR Cut-Resistant Gloves - Yellow/ Blue (Large)

And still talking about tough and highly protective fishing gloves, here’s a pair of gloves you can use to effectively protect your hands from bruises and injuries from sharp objects. Weston KevlarR Cut-Resistant Gloves are made from high quality Kevlar which nonetheless will protect you while you’re cleaning fish with sharp fins and teeth while you’re using your sharp fillet knife. In addition to that, these gloves also provide adequate flexibility and a firmer hold with latex grips. These gloves are also easy to maintain because they can be machine-washed and aside from that, your hand will be more protected against electrical shock and flames. To give you more comfort, they also have breathable back panels so your hands get the ventilation they need. You can also avail these in different sizes.


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  • Stoneriver profile image


    8 years ago

    Great Hub I use the last set for Pulling those big cats into the boat.

  • MikeSyrSutton profile image


    8 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

    Cool Hub!

    I love to ice fish (mostly crappy and browns-nothing too big)and you have a great selection. I prefer the Weston Kevlars myself.


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