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The Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines For Awesome Fishing Results

Updated on December 16, 2010

If you are new to fishing and you’re faced with the tough decision of picking the right kind of fishing line for your fishing equipment, then you should know that there are basically three types of fishing lines and these are monofilament fishing lines, braided fishing lines and fluorocarbon fishing lines. Fishing is one popular activity that people love to do when camping or boating, so if you’re planning a camping trip and you want to go fishing, you might want to bring along fluorocarbon fishing lines.

These ones are great for more transparent water because they do not refract much light. As a result, these lines are almost invisible underwater which also makes your bait much more enticing. The use of fluorocarbon lines started with the Japanese who used it because of its low visibility. Aside from its invisibility underwater, the fluorocarbon type of line also weighs heavier than other lines – a characteristic that makes it sink faster and deeper. That means you get better chances of catching fish in deeper parts of the water.

Aside from that, fluorocarbon fishing lines are also usually made of pure polyvinylidene fluoride so they are denser and they do not absorb water. That also means that that they don’t stretch much so they are more sensitive in terms of conveying the feeling of movement from the end of the line to the fishing rod and they are also tougher and more resistant to damages. That’s also the reason why many surf anglers use this line to avoid line breakage due to sharp rocks.

Here are some of the best fluorocarbon fishing lines that are sure to lure in more fish.

Stren Pony Spools
Stren Pony Spools

Stren Pony Spools

If you’re looking for reliable fluorocarbon fishing lines, don’t just go buying any brand and put your hopes on luck. Go for trusted brands like Stren which is known for its dependable quality. Stren Pony Spools give you yards of strong and sensitive fluorocarbon fishing lines which are tough against damages and allow you to feel the action underwater. You can test the strength of this and tie a fisherman’s hook at one end. This is one line that won’t snap and you can trust on it to give the same performance when the big ones get the bait. You can get this product made of 100% flurorocarbon in sizes good for 4 pounds, 6 pounds, 8 pounds, 10 pounds and 12 pounds. You can also choose between two colors: clear, which camouflages perfectly in transparent water, and blue tint which cuts off light reflection.

Berkley Trilene Professional Grade Fluorocarbon 110 Yd Pony Spool
Berkley Trilene Professional Grade Fluorocarbon 110 Yd Pony Spool

Berkley Trilene Professional Grade Fluorocarbon 110 Yd Pony Spool

If you’re going to choose a fluorocarbon fishing line to increase your chances of catching fish, you might as well get the most of your investment by getting one that will guarantee you the best quality such as this one from Berkley. This spool gives you 110 yards of fluorocarbon fishing lines made specially reinforced with 100% PVDF formula to give you the strongest line possible. This line has great resistance to damages and is ideal for environments with sharp rocks. You can also be sure that this line will hold true to the weight that it is specified for. You can get this line in other sizes good for 2 to 15 pounds. In addition to its low visibility underwater, this line also gives you easier casting with its low memory construction.

(111073) 12 LB
(111073) 12 LB

Seaguar (111073) 12 LB

Fluorocarbon fishing lines are known for their density, weight and resistance to damage, but that does not mean that they have to be really stiff. This fluorocarbon fishing line from Seaguar is guaranteed 40% softer than other fluorocarbon fishing line brands which makes it easier for casting. Despite its softness, it retains the superior strength for which fluorocarbon lines are famous for. It does not stretch much so it’s more resistant to damage and it has a high level of sensitivity which allows you to “feel” the line underwater. It’s made from 100% Seaguar resins, it’s thermo-resistant, chemical resistant and UV resistant which makes this kind of fishing line you can count on when you’re out to catch game fish. This line is available in sizes good up to 25 pounds in 200-yard spools.

Spiderwire 200 YD. Filler Spools
Spiderwire 200 YD. Filler Spools

Spiderwire 200 YD. Filler Spools

This one never misses out of lists for the best fishing lines, so when it comes to fluorocarbon fishing lines, you can be sure that this will deliver nothing but the best quality for your money. The Spiderwire fluorocarbon fishing line is made of 100% fluorocarbon that renders your line invisible to fish underwater. Now you can beat those coy fish when it comes to cunning. It also comes thin which works better for lures. Despite its thin diameter, this line gives you superior line strength that won’t break as long as you use it for no more than the weight it’s designed for. You can get 200-yard spools of this fluorocarbon line tested for 4 pounds up to 25 pounds. This is also one very sensitive line which allows you to feel through it.

Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon 110 Yd Spool
Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon 110 Yd Spool

Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon 110 Yd Spool

This fluorocarbon fishing line is one tricky chameleon for underwater targets, sink it into the water and it vanishes – well, hence the name. The Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon fishing line is made of 100% fluorocarbon which refracts light in the water so that it becomes virtually invisible. No wonder it’s the best selling fluorocarbon fishing line in both America and Canada so don’t be the last to experience it. It’s made with a new formula that gives it 20% more strength for better resistance against shock and damages. Aside from that, this line is also quite flexible which allows for easier casting. Use this for catching those slippery fish in clear water. You can get 110-yard spools of this fluorocarbon fishing line in sizes good for weights ranging from 2 pounds to 14 pounds in intervals of 2.


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