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The Best Fly Fishing Rods For Great Catches

Updated on December 2, 2010

When someone mentions the word, “fishing,” let alone fly fishing, the one thing that often comes to mind aside from fish is the fishing rod. Fishing rods are definitely a must have for every fly fisher; they’re like the apples to apple pies. Now, to get started, you must learn to keep a few things in mind when deciding on what fly fishing rod to get. I keep a stock of different fly fishing rods myself to suit different fishing situations. For example, shorter fly fishing rods prove the tougher one when it comes to hauling up the big ones, while longer fly rods are good for fair sized fishes.

There are mainly two types of fly fishing: one is freshwater fly fishing while the other is called saltwater fly fishing. You may ask why the water is important, but it’s really not about the water – it’s about the fish that thrive in it. For example, freshwater produces trout and salmon which are more often than not inferior in size compared with their saltwater kin, the tuna and the marlin. That’s why for saltwater fishing, you need fly fishing rods that have what it takes to capture bigger and heavier fish.

Another factor you must consider when choosing among fly fishing rods is the material. One of the most trusted materials is graphite which is known to give just the right amount of stiffness and flex for easy fishing. There are basically four kinds of flex or fly fishing rod actions and these are known as the progressive flex, full flex, medium flex and tip flex. Rods with progressive flex don’t show any perceptive difference along its length. Full or slow flex means the rod will bend from its tip to its butt and the slow action is better at catching larger fish. Rods with medium flex are ideal for beginners while rods with tip or fast flexes that require a good sense of timing are good for expert fly fishers. Here are some of the best fly fishing rods you can get at very pocket-friendly prices.

Berkley Cherrywood 2 Piece Fly Rod (7'6", 6 Guide, 4-5 lb. Line Wt.)
Berkley Cherrywood 2 Piece Fly Rod (7'6", 6 Guide, 4-5 lb. Line Wt.)

Berkley Cherrywood 2 Piece Fly Rod (7'6", 6 Guide, 4-5 lb. Line Wt.)

This fly fishing rod is great for both beginners and experts. It’s made of graphite that’s durable and ideal for easy casting and hauling up great catches. It’s very responsive too so you can be surer that the fish don’t get away. This fly fishing rod also comes with cork grips that are specially designed with contours to allow you to secure the rod and prevent it from slipping especially when your hands get wet or when the big swimmers put up a fight. This rod is also easy to store in any hiker’s knapsack as it features 2 sections that allows it to be stored more compactly and conveniently. It’s lightweight too so it won’t pose any problems. This one is great to bring along while boating or camping near lakes or rivers.

Okuma Crisium Fly Rod
Okuma Crisium Fly Rod

Okuma Crisium Fly Rod

For both beginners and advanced fly fishers, here’s just the right fly fishing rod to get those fast and slippery targets. It’s made of very durable graphite that offers a very good balance between stiffness and flex and this one surely won’t break in the middle of a great catch. It features a medium to fast or tip flex that makes it easy to use for anyone regardless of skill, body build and gender. If you’re an expert fly fishing who wants to teach someone how to fly fish, then this is just the perfect choice. It has two sections too that make it possible for you to store it more conveniently without weight and space issues. It also comes with a high quality rosewood reel seat,, a titanium oxide stripper guide and some stainless steel snake guides.

Wild Water Fly Fishing "Wild Country" 3 Weight, 5 Foot 6 Inches, 4 Piece Freshwater Fishing Rod
Wild Water Fly Fishing "Wild Country" 3 Weight, 5 Foot 6 Inches, 4 Piece Freshwater Fishing Rod

Wild Water Fly Fishing "Wild Country" 3 Weight, 5 Foot 6 Inches, 4 Piece Freshwater Fishing Rod

If you’re someone who’s looking for the smallest and most compact fly fishing rod ever but don’t want to compromise performance and fishing convenience, this one won’t disappoint you. The Wild Water fly fishing rod measures 5 feet and 6 inches long and breaks into 4 even sections which makes it the shortest fly fishing rod ever and makes it one of the most convenient items for any backpacker. It’s also great for introducing youngsters to fly fishing. This rod is made of sturdy IM8 graphite that won’t surrender against any catch. It’s also great for catching all sorts of fish, even those in tight or narrow areas. It’s suitable for both beginners and experts with its medium to fast flex. It also comes with a rosewood reel seat plus its own case.

Okuma SLV Fly Rod
Okuma SLV Fly Rod

Okuma SLV Fly Rod

Here’s another high-performance fly fishing rod for all fly fishers, male or female, young or olds, novice or experienced. The Okuma SLV Fly Rod is made of sturdy IM8 graphite and provides a medium to fast or tip flex that is advantageous for any fly fishing skill level. This one is ideal for freshwater fly fishing and is great to have along during boating or camping trips. It’s lightweight too, plus it features four sections that allow the rod to fit in compactly on any camper, hiker or boater’s backpack. This fly fishing rod also features an aluminum pipe reel seat complete with aluminum hoods and comes with a titanium oxide stripper guide. This one’s sure to be a delight for everyone, especially with the great catches that will be easier to get.

Eagle Claw Trailmaster Medium Spin and Fly Rod (6 Piece)
Eagle Claw Trailmaster Medium Spin and Fly Rod (6 Piece)

Eagle Claw Trailmaster Medium Spin and Fly Rod (6 Piece)

If you want to bring home great catches, you’ll need a fly fishing rod that will complement your skill and effort, offer you several advantages and increase your chances of catching quick fish. You’ll need something like the Eagle Claw Trailmaster Medium Spin and Fly Rod. This fly fishing rod is made of IM7 graphite and offers medium flex which is advantageous at catching big ones. It’s very responsive too so you can be sure that you get the fish before they have the chance to dart away. This rod is very lightweight and compact too and features 6 sections that allow you to stash it conveniently in your backpack. Keep this handy during outdoor trips to get instantly prepared to go fly fishing on lakes and rivers. It also comes with tough and attractive engraved reel seats made of bronze plus has its own carrying case.


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