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The Best Inflatable Fishing Boats You Deserve For Your Boating Enjoyment

Updated on November 25, 2010

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable things to do in the outdoors and it’s even double the fun when you’re on a sturdy boat over the water and getting a good view in and around the waters. If you’re going out to fish, one of the handiest things you can get is an inflatable fishing boat. It is light to carry and it saves a lot of space so it’s very easy to store in your vehicle or your camping backpack. It’s also easy to set up too so you can get to the task as soon as possible.

Inflatable fishing boats are built with the sturdiest fabrics that can resist abrasions, punctures and withstand sun exposure so you stay afloat without worry. Before deciding on what kind of inflatable fishing boat to bring along, I consider factors like the number of people the boat will carry and the kind of boating we will be doing. Some inflatable boats have the capacity to carry two people while others can manage to carry four people or more.

If you’re going fishing on lakes and other more quiet bodies of water, any kind of inflatable fishing boat will do. But if you’re planning to fish in the open sea or rivers with fast currents, there are sturdier inflatable fishing boats you can get that can provide your boating more stability.

Here are some of my top picks when it comes to top performing inflatable fishing boats that won’t disappoint you. Take your pick according to whatever suits your needs and styles. Just be sure not to forget to bring your life vests with you every time you go boating.

Intex Seahawk 2 Boat Set
Intex Seahawk 2 Boat Set

Intex Seahawk 2 Boat Set

Here’s an inflatable fishing boat that you can use on holiday fishing trips with a companion. This one can support up to two adults. It provides you adequate stability with its inflatable floor and triple air chambers and it’s made of high quality vinyl that won’t scratch or leak so you and your partner stay safe on board. This inflatable boat also comes with two oars. The boat itself is built with welded oar holders and oar locks for keeping your oar locks secure and preventing them from slipping. It also has fishing rod holders for added convenience. This one inflates and deflates easily with its 2 boston valves so you can get set in no time. These also seal really airtight so you and your companion can spend more time on the water without running out of air.

Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable Boat
Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable Boat

Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable Boat

You can take this inflatable fishing boat with you in almost any body of water. It has a design and color that can be easily camouflaged in the outdoors and its made of very durable top class PVC that’s puncture and scratch-resistant so you stay safe and get the most out of your activities. It has the capacity to carry up to 2 medium sized people or a total weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. It also comes with one comfortable inflatable seat. This inflatable fishing boat also boasts of features such as swivel oar locks, a fishing rod holder and a tunnel chamber. The swivel oar locks and fishing rod holder keep your gear in place while the tunnel chamber provides you adequate stability while pulling up your catch. Take this from a brand that’s been manufacturing quality vessels for many years.

Intex 4 Person Mariner Inflatable Boat Set
Intex 4 Person Mariner Inflatable Boat Set

Intex 4 Person Mariner Inflatable Boat Set

This comfortable inflatable fishing boat can carry up to four people or weights of up to 880 pounds. It’s made of puncture and scratch-tough fabric to keep you and your companions afloat. It features its oars, comfortable cushions for sitting, and oar locks. It comes also with a pump and has four air chambers with secure valves to prevent air leakage. It’s very easy to inflate and deflate and comes with its own carrying case to make storage easier. You can store this easily in your car or your outdoors backpack without any hassles brought about by weight and bulk. This product is certified by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) and approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) too so it’s guaranteed to provide you with nothing but the best protection and quality.

RST Marine Navigator III 400 4-Person Lake and Recreation Inflatable Boat
RST Marine Navigator III 400 4-Person Lake and Recreation Inflatable Boat

RST Marine Navigator III 400 4-Person Lake and Recreation Inflatable Boat

This inflatable fishing boat measures more than 9 feet long, more than 4 feet wide and 2 feet and five inches high and it has the capacity carry up to four people. You can take your family fishing with you and bond on this one because it’s made of heavy duty nylon and PVC to ensure you of a safe and convenient time. It features an anti-bump strake made of PVC to protect passengers from obstacles and an inflatable keel for easy maneuvering and stability. The 2 main air chambers and I-beam floor adds to the stability so you stay secure and comfortable. This boat is also easy to inflate and deflate to save you time and effort and it’s also certified by the NMMA which assures you of a vessel that’s nothing but of the best quality.

RST Marine Navigator II 500 Heavy Duty Inflatable Recreation Boat
RST Marine Navigator II 500 Heavy Duty Inflatable Recreation Boat

RST Marine Navigator II 500 Heavy Duty Inflatable Recreation Boat

Are you planning to go out fishing with the whole family or a bunch of friends? This inflatable fishing boat may just be the one you need. It’s light, convenient and it can carry up to five persons or a weight of 830 pounds. This one is made with 500 Denier triple PVC layers that are tough against scratches and punctures. It’s also 100% percent waterproof and ultraviolet ray resistant. This boat won’t fail you even when the current gets a little bit stronger because it’s designed for mild to moderate rapids. It features a keel for easy maneuvering and an I-beam floor that provides stability. This inflatable boat also comes with two comfortable seats, a set of light oars for easy paddling, an air pump and a gear bag. It also comes with its own carry case for your convenience.


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