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The Best Offshore Reels for More of Your Hard-Core Fishing Needs

Updated on December 8, 2010

Offshore fishing is also known as the form of fishing in the open seas and it is as opposed to surf fishing. People may use anything like the fishing nets, fishing rods or fish traps and as long as it’s done away from the coastline, it is considered an offshore fishing. Some people also call it deep sea fishing or open water fishing. Now, if you can imagine what kinds of fish live in the ocean, you may already have an idea on what to look for when it comes to offshore reels. Since saltwater fish are usually bigger and heavier, it’s imperative that you get yourself a thick and sturdy fishing rod along with a heavy duty fishing reel. Otherwise your target might get away and take your fishing gear instead of you catching the fish.

Since the strength of the fishing gear is necessary in the open seas due to heavy catches, anglers usually look around for fishing rods and reels that have the toughness commonly associated with metals. This happens because it is common for some fishers to break their gears in the middle of a big catch. However, having a metal fishing gear can have its disadvantages such as it makes fishers to become tired easily especially when hauling up big fishes. That’s why top makers of fishing reels have come up with good alternatives for metals such as graphite and anodized aluminum.

These two materials are packed with strength to withstand the struggles of heavy fishes as well as the convenience of light weight for easier hauling. So if you want to try offshore fishing, try to look for offshore reels made from these materials and you could easily have the best performance possible. To provide you wider choices, I now present you some of the best fishing reels specially designed for offshore fishing.

Okuma Titus Graphite Lever Drag Standard Reel
Okuma Titus Graphite Lever Drag Standard Reel

Okuma Titus Graphite Lever Drag Standard Reel

Ensure yourself of good, long years of offshore fishing with the Okuma Titus Graphite Lever Drag Standard Reel. This is just among the many quality fishing gears that built Okuma fame. It features machine-cut gears made of rust-proof stainless steel that gives it tolerance for corrosive marine water. It also has a frame made of high-quality rust-proof graphite that won’t break even in the face of large fish. Graphite is also very lightweight so you can be sure that this will help a lot in hauling up those heavy fish. This reel also features 4 ball bearings made of stainless steel and cold-forged aluminum spools that promise to give you the smoothest functioning. To keep your line smooth and secure, this reel also features a reliable drag system. Use this for a great fishing experience whether you’re fishing for a living or for a hobby.

Daiwa Sealine Series Conventional Reel, Casting, Jigging and Trolling
Daiwa Sealine Series Conventional Reel, Casting, Jigging and Trolling

Daiwa Sealine Series Conventional Reel, Casting, Jigging and Trolling

Here’s one of the fishing reels experience anglers are talking about. This Daiwa Sealine Series Conventional Reel is great for trolling with its convenient size and sturdy build. It weighs 22.9 ounces, it has a gear ratio of 3.7:1 and it has a capacity to hold 25/360, 30/310 and 40/230 lines. This reel has a couple of ball bearing made of stainless steel to give you superbly smooth performance. It also has a smooth disk drag that secures your line no matter what gets at the end of your line in the water. This offshore reel features a frame made of anodized aluminum and machine-cut gears made of bronze. It also features a high-speed retrieve that makes sure you get the fish before they get away. You just can’t go wrong with Daiwa.

Okuma TITUS T 50W Offshore Tuna Shark Fishing Reel NEW
Okuma TITUS T 50W Offshore Tuna Shark Fishing Reel NEW

Okuma TITUS T 50W Offshore Tuna Shark Fishing Reel NEW

Here’s something specially designed to catch the heavyweights. Get the catches to go along with your name and your reputation as a talented angler by catching tuna, sharks and other big ones with the Okuma TITUS T 50W Fishing Reel. This one has a light and durable frame made of graphite that’s easy to use during those pleasantly tense moments when you’re finally hauling up your catch. It also has a rust-proof aluminum spool and 4 sealed ball bearings made of stainless steel to make sure that always enjoy smooth and convenient fishing every time you go out to sea. It features gears with a ratio of 3.1:1 ratio. This offshore reel also features an ultra-smooth drag that keeps your line straight, untangled and secure even when you’ve got the heaviest and most stubborn swimmers at the end of your line.

Penn General Purpose Level Wind Reel
Penn General Purpose Level Wind Reel

Penn General Purpose Level Wind Reel

With Penn fishing gears, you can look forward to many years of great fishing experiences wherever you go and that’s the guarantee that experienced anglers have enjoyed from Penn’s many quality fishing equipment. You’ll get the same idea once you’ve checked out this great offshore fishing reel form Penn. It features machine-cut gears made of brass plus a machined spool made of anodized aluminum that are all carefully designed to withstand harsh conditions in the open sea. You won’t see any rust on this any time you use it. It also has a machined pinion gear made of stainless steel and a reel stand made of the same quality material. To protect your line as well as make it easier for you to haul up big fish, this offshore reel also features the same HT-100 drag washers its Penn brothers have. These guarantee long-lasting performance even throughout long years of rugged use.

Shimano Tekota Saltwater Casting Reel, TEK600LC
Shimano Tekota Saltwater Casting Reel, TEK600LC

Shimano Tekota Saltwater Casting Reel, TEK600LC

Nobody snubs a Shimano because this name is well-known around the world by anglers for its high quality and high-performance fishing gears. With just enough fishing talent and Shimano gears, you can be a really good offshore angler. If you’re looking for a good reel, the Shimano Tekota Saltwater Casting Reel will give you everything you need in a heavy duty fishing reel. This mean reel features a frame and a right side plate made of rust-resistant die cast aluminum that will weather out all the harmful effects of marine water. It also has aluminum braces, a rod clamp and a graphite side plate. To give you unparalleled smoothness every time you go fishing, this reel also features anti-rust ball bearings made of stainless steel that are guaranteed to be ten times more resistant to corrosion as compared to other ordinary ball bearings. This reel also features a Dartainium drag which you can adjust to suit your needs and preferences in different fishing situations.


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