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The Best Skaters: 2000s

Updated on December 17, 2015

1.Yuna Kim, the greatest skater in triple era

Yuna Kim is one of the most gifted figure skaters of all time. Kim's mastery lies not in jump alone but her versatility.

Also, Kim, like Elaine Zayak, prompted the ISU to change the rules to curb her exclusive dominance in competition.

Yuna Kim brought many things into the sport. Among them is the standard quality of ladies figure skating in triple era. Her skating has virtually defined "quality".

2. Shizuka Arakawa: a skater whose skating was competitively balanced

Arakawa is a World champion in 2004 and 2006. She is also the first Japanese skater to win an Olympic gold medal.

Arakawa is a technically balanced skater. She is the one of those whose skating are well rounded and competitively strong.

3. Mao Asada: a skater who conquered Worlds at 16

Mao Asada could have been the greatest skater of 2000s.

At her 16, Asada conquered the world. That wasn't a media-hyped junior champion nor was it a global fraud like the current Russian skaters. Asada was a legitimate champion of the day.

When Asada beat Irina Slutskaya, the incumbent World Champion, her skating was one of a kind; it's not like Satoko's or Liza's or Elena's. It was a fully fledged figure skating.

4. Kimmie Meissner: the last princess for U.S. ladies figure skating

Kimmie is the one who could have led U.S. ladies figure skating to another level.

We could have seen another Renaissance had Kimmie stayed healthy and successfully formed a trio with Yuna Kim and Mao Asada. I lamented, every time I watched Kimmie's performances in the 2006 Worlds.

At the time Kimmie was everything we needed. Of course, I can't tell for sure whether or not she could have done it. It's only a matter of speculation. But I am biased to believe that Kimmie's injury lost her momentum to rise up.

5. Joannie Rochette: the best Canadian figure skater in the 2000s

Joannie Rochette is arguably the best power skater in the 2000s.

Although Rochette almost always trailed Kim and Asada, she was one of three best skaters during Kim's tenure. Armed with power and speed, Rochette's skating shows what a power skater is capable of.

6. Sasha Cohen: a skater with spiraled beauty

Sasha Cohen made a household name for her signature style.

Her skating seriously lacks of jumping technique but what she brought to the sport was an opportunity to see another side of the sport. Like the Great Biellmann, Cohen helped people understand that figure skating is a many-sided sport.

After all figure skating is much more than just an array of jumping sequence.

7. Carolina Kostner: a skater with remarkable jumping inconsistency

As a skater, Kostner was almost always overshadowed by Rochette. That's due to Kostner's disastrous jump inconsistency. And that plagued Kostner throughout her career.

However, Kostner in her own right makes another trio with Yuna Kim and Mao Asada.

As we all saw in the Sochi Olympics in 2014, Kostner's comeback was an impressive one. Kostner proved herself to be a late bloomer, if you will.

8. Laura Lepisto: a skater whose skating shines like crystal

Lepisto is a jewel in the era of titans.

She is an World bronze medalist in 2009, an European champion in 2010 and a two-time Finnish national champion.

Lepisto's skating is spotless in terms of technical junks and cheats. The color of her skating is unique and full of charms that treat figure skating fans like no others. It is such a joy to watch her skating.

Although Lepisto in her career was never able to challenge big shots such as Kim, Asada, Rochette or Kostner, her skating always shines in crystal beauty.

9. Miki Ando: a skater with remarkable jumping consistency

In terms of jumping consistency, Miki Ando is the opposite to Kostner.

Miki Ando is a skater with arguably the best jumping consistency. She is a World champion in 2007 and 2011, a Four Continent champion in 2007, and a three-time Japanese national champion.

However, Ando is one of the skaters whose musicality is poorest.

10. Fumie Sugurie: a skater with longevity

Sugurie is a remarkably accomplished skater, as far as longevity is concerned.

She is a three-time World medalist, a three-time Four Continent champion, the 2003 Grand Prix Final champion, and a five-time Japanese national champion.

Her passion for figure skating has extended her career for more than 15 years.

Who do you think is the best in the 2000s?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thx your cover for gpf.

      Pretty much i feel the same.

      I love to you include laura lepisto who was prob most underated skater in her time. One of the best and cleanest 3t-3t ever i seen. Little surprised carolina sitting on 7th but i bet her ranking will be rised in 2010s era's top skater list.

    • Jesse Helms profile imageAUTHOR

      Jesse Helms 

      3 years ago from Irvine, California

      To SMK,

      I appreciate your comments. I forgot Sarah Hughes in fact. Hughes is such an expressive skater. In my opinion, Hughes vies for the 10th with Suguri. However, I believe Hughes deserves her success based on her contemporary judging standards. As for other articles, I've just realized many articles here are not featured. So I will have to take them to Wordpress later so that people can see them back. You can check here:

      My apology for being tardy.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Wow! I was waiting for this, “The best skaters: 2000s” so long! It’s great!

      The list is almost same with my expectation, but I surprised you picked up Arakawa higher than Asada. I think Asada is more talented than Arakawa, though I can agree Arakawa is more polished and balanced skater than Asada. I’m also big fan of Arakawa. I love watching her skate!

      Another surprise is Sarah Hughes’s not on the list. Even though her Olympic Gold was controversial, I thought she deserved to be mentioned as one of top skaters, not like a Russian.

      I’m so happy and thankful to read your articles and looking forward to your reviews of Olympics in the 2000s.

      By the way, I have read “The best skaters: 1990s” and many other articles before, but I can’t find them now.. Where can I read them again???

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      No, sorry, you need more than 4 types of triples to be the best in the triple era. How can someone who can't even do a Triple Loop, whose Flip is really a Lip, who dares not even dream about a Triple Axel - in what universe is that "the best"?

      Whoever has ALL 6 types of triples is a prime candidate.

      Since the Axel represents the ultimate triple, the indisputably best skater in the triple era is the one who has mastered it.


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