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The Best Ufc Fights Of 2010 Part 1

Updated on August 12, 2010

As the ever popular sport of mma continues to grow at a phenomenal rate,the ufc has been expanding with it,bringing this visually entertaining sport to new countries like Australia for example.Half way through 2010 and there have already been some hugely entertaining fights and i shall be listing and talking you through the best of them.You may have seen some of them and some you may not have but they are all worthy of being in the best fights category 

Ufc 116 Lesnar Vs Carwin

Well the most anticipated heavyweight fight in ufc history certainly wasn't disappointing,For a start Shane Carwin had been knocking people out left, right and centre and hadn't been out of the first round his entire career and had a reputation for having the heaviest hands in the sport.Lesnar on the other hand was coming back after a year out with an infection that nearly killed him,so the battle was set and raging for nearly a year,would they fight or would they not.I was positively beside myself and was seriously rooting for Carwin and to start out with he didn't disappoint as he came out blazing and quickly hurt Lesnar within the first minute and had him backpeddaling,he was then caught out with a left uppercut that hurt him bad and then shortly after he dropped to the canvas and Carwin followed with some heavy ground and pound,but all credit to Lesnar he kept moving and trying to improve his position.The bell came and Lesnar rose slowly.As they sat on their stools Carwin mentioned that his legs had gone which meant he had emptied his gas tank trying to put Lesnar away.Within a minute of the second round Lesnar took his shot and dropped The tired Carwin to the canvas and then passed his guard easily,Once there he sank in an Arm triangle and to be fair to Lesnar it wasn't the best arm triangle and didn't seem to be tight but then Lesnar adjusted his triangle and with arms that size Carwin was never gonna last and tapped out, Lesnar had finally gained some of my respect.

Shogun Rua Vs Lyoto Machida UFC 113

The rematch was on and if anyone had seen the first fight it was quite obvious that Machida would have a fight on his hands,Machida had looked unbeatable until he had a 5 round fight with Shogun,in which many thought Shogun had won,but being the champion Machida got the result.The rematch was booked immediately as even Dana White thought Shogun had won,but i still thought that Machida would win,he would change his tactics and win by being as evasive as ever.It didn't happen that way as Shogun came out super aggressive and caught Machida with a clean right hand that knocked him to the floor,Shogun followed and mounted him then knocked him clean out with a barrage of punches to end his short reign as champion.The Shogun era had arrived.

Bj Penn Vs Frankie Edgar UFC 112

The problem with Bj Penn is you never know which ones going to show up,the one that devastates opponents with his crisp jabbing,superhuman balancing and world class jiu jitsu or the one that has no cardio and seems to want to be somewhere else.Well it wasn't a poor Bj Penn that turned up to defend his belt at UFC 112 it was quite a good Bj Penn to be honest,it just so happened that it was a much better Frankie Edgar that turned up that night and wrenched the lightweight belt from around his Penns Waist.The fight was pretty close throughout but Edgar fought the smart fight,stayed on the outside of Penn and won a close decision,so close that an immediate rematch was scheduled,funnily enough i see Edgar winning the rematch as well,this kid has improved dramatically and constantly changes the way he fights,cant wait to see the rematch.

Chris Leben vs Akiyama UFC 116

This was not expected to be a fight of the night contender,but it certainly turned out that way,first of all congratulations to Chris Leben for taking this fight only 3 weeks after winning another fight in the octagon,now that's dedication.They both came out with gameplans,Lebens was the same as always,come out swinging and don't stop until someone hits the deck,Akiyama the japanese superstars gameplan was to whether the storm whilst landing his own punches and classy judo throws.When Akiyama tired himself out Leben took advantage and turned it into a brawl,Leben did get hit a number of times and at one point went down but when Akiyama went in for the kill Leben locked up one submission and then switched to a nasty triangle that forced Akiyama to tap out,So not only did Leben take this fight on 3 weeks notice but then the brawler submitted a very good fighter.

Carlos Condit Vs Rory Mcdonald UFC 115

Most people didn't give McDonald a chance against Condit,yeah sure the kid was tough and unbeaten but Condit was a wec champion and has lots of heart when he is in a tough situation,Well it didn't work out that way as McDonald and Condit had some early exchanges on the feet and it was periodically broken up by McDonald taking Condit down at will,after a while this started to frustrate Condit but he didn't seem to be able to do anything about it.For the first 2 rounds this is how it remained but then after a rather stirring pep talk from Greg Jackson Condits coach he came out in the third round a hell of a lot more aggressive and took it to McDonald and the fight was stopped near the end after a barrage of ground and pound from Condit,don't worry though we certainly haven't seen the last of Rory McDonald.Fight of the year Candidate


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