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SCREWED!!! Tonight's episode -- Notre Dame Football, 1993

Updated on November 5, 2009

So it's two weeks before the end of the season. There's 11 games,, and both Florida State and Notre Dame are 9-0. They play each other in South Bend. Florida State is #1, Notre Dame is #2. Notre Dame wins the game, beats Charlie Ward who can't get in the endzone in the final seconds. Notre Dame is #1 in the land. All they have to do is beat Boston College the next week at home and they got it.

Notre Dame goes down 38-14 in the 4th quarter. They COME BACK and TAKE THE GOD DAMN LEAD!!! It's 39-38 with less then a minute left. Notre Dame Stadium erupts. But Boston College hits a final second field goal.

"NOBODY THOUGHT THAT WE COULD DO IT!!!" screams a Boston College player to the camera as his teammates vie for screen time.

Boston College knocking off Notre Dame while Florida State beats whoever.

So who's number one? Who the world is number one?

Well we go into Jan. 1st and at this point, it's only 1994 and everybody still plays everyone in those traditional bowl games. Nebraska got to the Orange Bowl to play Florida State and almost beats them, Florida State needs Jason Bentley the Sports Illustrated cover boy to win it for them in the final seconds. Meanwhile Notre Dame manhandles Texas A & M.

So who's number one? Who in the world is number one?


Winner of the national championship -- Florida State.



Tune in next time for our next team to get screwed.

But first, this just in from our news desk...



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