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The Importance of Golf Handicap Rules

Updated on April 24, 2013

The proven and best way to improve your golf skills is to find a sound set of golf handicap rules. This will help you take part in local tournaments with a chance to play against accomplished golf players who are highly proficient in the game. You can get a golf handicap system from most golf courses. One of the biggest advantages to using a golf handicap system is that it functions as a dependable barometer to weigh your golfing abilities in comparison with that of others, if you can implement the scores correctly.

But golf handicap rules contain a sort of complex formula that takes into account your average score in addition to the game’s difficulty level, and a few other aspects of the game that the USGA will understand. For every golf course, there is a given number of strokes required to play that course, looked at from the level of a scratch golfer. This is also known as course handicap.

And a golf handicap can help accurately indicate your golf abilities. For instance, if you were playing a match against a scratch golf player (the player recorded with zero handicap), and you have a 7 handicap, you will get 7 strokes for each of the 7 most difficult holes on the course. This means he is giving you at a 7 hole lead or a 7 stroke lead in the match.

Golf has evolved over time as a gentleman’s game. As a golf player, you are expected to post only legitimate scores, but the rules have introduced some restrictions limiting the number of strokes you are allowed to take on any given hole. You can think about it this way. Imagine you have a less than 10 handicap. In this case, you cannot turn in a score card that has a score over double bogey. This restriction will ensure that sandbaggers will not be able to inflate their handicap in order to get more strokes while they take part in golf tournaments.

Once you have worked with a good number of scores you need to track your golf handicap, then you will come to know how difficult it is to get a low handicap. Your golf handicap can move in either direction only after a complete round of golf. Therefore, you need not worry if you happen to have a bad day on a golf course, as you would need 2 to 3 rounds of the game to move your handicap. However, if you enter into a slump and are not able to fix what has gone wrong with your game, your golf handicap will suffer.

Excluding sandbaggers, golfers have an excellent way, through the golf handicap rules, to understand their own golf abilities in comparison with other golfers. In fact, you can even get online to view the scores posted for any golfer with a golf handicap.


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