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The Ins and Outs of Lucha Underground: Episode 31

Updated on June 9, 2015

It's time! It's time! It's LU previewing time! Yes, after a Monday night that saw the most interesting wrestling related thing be the guy who left it for UFC (we miss you Punk), Lucha Underground returns tomorrow to give you more of the best wrestling going today. And tonight, I return to give you a preview of what's to come. We don't know a ton about tomorrow's episode, other than there's a mystery opponent (not really), a mystery match, a whole lot of returns and sadly no Angelico, Marty the Moth or everyone's favorite FIFA Champ. Poor Evans probably got caught up using his Medallion for his Step Up 8 auditions. Just kidding. Or am I? Alright, enough ragging on poor Jack. It's time to predict some LU. ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

Blue Demon Jr vs. Mystery Opponent

What to Expect: Let's be real; Chavo is going to be the surprise opponent here. ] You expect me to believe that Blue Demon Jr suddenly showing back up around the same time as his arch nemesis did is just coincidence? I think not! I expect we're going to find out here that Chavo's request to our lord and savior Dario Cueto last week was to finish Demon once and for all, and thus, this will be the result. Hey, more Chavo is good by me, as the dude has been as captivating as ever under the LU banner. I expect this will be quick, and I expect it's not going to end well for the Blue Demon. Hopefully it ends better than that wicked chair shot he received all the way back in the fall.

Winner: If Chavo he loses, I will go out, buy a hobby horse like Chavo used to have in WCW, and name it Pepe II. Or Cultico. Or whatever you fans want. Either way, Chavo is taking this. Sorry Blue Demon Jr. There's always next time. Unless you're Drago that is. Then there's no next time. Or is there?

Super Fly vs. Famous B

What to Expect: I'm sensing a theme here. Eh, must be my imagination. This match will be a squash, and not the kind of well dressed, brainwashing one like Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar was. It'll be interesting at least to see how Super Fly does with his new attitude. He's probably one of the few guys in the Temple I don't know that much about, as he didn't really do all that much prior to losing his mask to Sexy Star. I expect he'll be very aggressive here, and I expect poor Famous B will be feeling the brunt of his wrath. Hopefully not too much so he can go back to his poker game with fellow LU J.O.B. Squad members Ricky Mandel and the great El Mariachi Loco.

Winner: Super Fly. I think he wins quickly, I think he cuts a promo on Sexy Star, and we may even get a brawl between the two. Meanwhile, I'll be over here, dreaming up a scenario where Super Fly and Marty the Moth finally cross paths. The dream match we never knew we needed! All together now; WE WANT THE MOTH! WE WANT THE MOTH! WE WANT THE MOTH!

The Disciples of Death vs. Bengala, Mascarita Sagrada and Pimpinela Escarlata

What to Expect: Holy mother of puss bucket, what is it with the returns this week? Did everyone from the first few months of the LU go on vacation and finally see it end last week? Were they all taking turns throwing eggs at Marco Corleone's house? These are things I need to know! Oh well, it's nice to see Sagrada and Escarlata back. They were very entertaining during the first half of the LU, and they have a ton to offer with the right role. I'm also curious about this Bengala guy. Specifically, which Bengala is it? Is it the former Sombre de Plata who currently works for CMLL? Or is it Ricky Marvin, the AAA wrestler who just recently started working under the Bengala name? Common sense would dictate it's Marvin, but original reports suggested it was de Plata. This is going to turn into a bigger mystery than Matanza and Pentagon Jr's master combined! Who is Bengala? I MUST KNOW!!!

Anyways, as exciting as it will be to find out which Bengala is wrestling tomorrow and the returns of legends Sagrada and Escarlata, the real focus here will be on the Disciples of Death. Or as I call them, the Skeletor Army. Yes, for those of you who were scratching your heads in wonder, this new team is the same group that follows Catrina and Mil Muertes around, which pretty much means you can pencil them in for something big down the road. If you know anything about who really is playing these roles (I'm not going to spoil it for you, but you can find their identities easily if you choose), you'll know that the Skeletor Army should be able to work, in which case this match could be the highlight of the evening. It'll perhaps be even more interesting to see whether Mil or Catrina get involved, though I'm guessing the latter is more likely than the former.

Winner: Gotta give this one to the Skeletor Army, if only because they're backed by the motherfucking beast king right now. This will be competitive though, at least so the newcomer Bengala can get some shine and to re-establish Sagrada and Escarlata to Temple fans. Here's hoping Catrina is at ring side and Escarlata goes for the kiss. That will be the highest of comedy, and the ultimate set up to Mil wrecking the poor dude afterwards.

#1 Contenders Match for the Lucha Underground Championship

What to Expect: I have no idea, mainly because I have no idea who will be in this match. My guess; this will be some sort of multi-man match, which means you can pretty easily pencil in Hernandez, Johnny Mundo, Mil Muertes and a few others into this bout. But who knows? I just know that I'm excited. Who can resist the call of the mystery match?! That's like saying you don't enjoy Nevermind.

Winner: Mil Muertes, if he is indeed involved. If there's going to be someone challenging Puma next, it most definitely has to be the beast king. Don't believe me, go back and watch how dominating he was against Fenix two weeks ago. Thus, I'm going with him for victory. Keep in mind however that this match is a crap shoot as we don't know the details. For all I know, Bray Wyatt will show up tomorrow as Matanza and win the title shot. Alright probably not. But imagine if he did!

That'll do it guys. I'll be back either late tonight/early tomorrow with something else. Not sure what yet, but it'll be solid, I assure you. Till then, don't get on Octagon's bad side, high five Dorian Roldan (that's for you Casey Nielson), celebrate Marvel finally getting the casting of Punisher correct, support Lucha, #LuchaKliq and help a female wrestler out by convincing Paige to escape WWE for the confines of the Temple. The people want Paige! THE PEOPLE NEED PAIGE!

She's stealing the lick of death from Catrina! Instant feud!
She's stealing the lick of death from Catrina! Instant feud!

Please change disks to continue...

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